Stroller Babyhit TraveL Air

Stroller is an essential need for families with a small child.

When we sold our first stroller was a question about buying a new car, a pleasure. No desire to buy the strollers, they don’t look particularly serious.

I was looking for a sturdy stroller with good maneuverability. A must-have item was the large inflatable wheels. As the winter snow and ice with small wheels will not pass.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The pros and Cons
  3. Opinion
  4. Video

Where to buy

The child eyes fell on the stroller brand Babyhit Travel Air, I liked everything except the price… the same evening I ordered it on Aliexpress Tmall here on this page.

The stroller was a good discount I bought it for 8369 RUB, plus the seller gave a coupon for 150 rubles, delivery was from Moscow 2-11 Tmail, courier. Then I regretted that chose the courier.

Brought a stroller firm DPD, three day they changed the delivery date without notifying me. Then I freaked out and asked to cancel the courier and to pick up the order yourself from pvz, in the end, after 7 days, the carriage arrived from Moscow to Voronezh.

The pros and Cons

From the pros:

  • large inflated wheels
  • very maneuverable and the front removed
  • very easy to assemble, solid frame,
  • good equipment (the Cape on foot, Muff, raincover, bag),
  • the back is decomposed almost to a horizontal position,
  • the roomy basket,
  • two Cup holders.

Of the minuses:

  • the choice of colors is poor,
  • folded take up much space in the car
  • heavy (about 15 kg),
  • depreciation is not particularly good,
  • the awkward window in the roof of the carriages,
  • constantly closes.
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Happy with the purchase, saved by using Aliexpress about 4 thousand roubles! Still I can recommend a car seat for kids SIGER «Cosmo», from 0 to 12 years. And highchair BAONEO, this is a must have!