Stencils for nail art — stamps

I ordered a stencil for nails on Aliexpress here for 500 rubles, came for 2 weeks. In comparison with other sellers is a record!

In the set of all conform to the proposed description: 10 plates, stencils design, scraper and stamp.

Everything was well Packed, the plates scratch was not only on the silicone cushion of the stamp had small holes, but this was not reflected in the figure.

Special thanks I want to say to the seller for transparent stamp. Because of this can be seen where and in what position to make a drawing on the nail plate. The plates of deep holes, the pictures are clear, bright.

Suitable for use with any varnish, as usual, and gel paint. Only the last requires a bit 2-3 seconds to keep under a SUN lamp X9 or similar, but it depends on the company. I recommend the gel varnishes SaviLand and VenaLisa.

Was afraid that the stencils will come small in diameter and the pattern on long nails it will look not very good, especially considering the fact that on the same plate, four different designs, and even more. But nothing was going through, unguis everything looks great.

Overall satisfied, would recommend! Again, took on Aliexpress on this page.

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