STB SMART TV BOX mini X96 — do from a regular TV handy Smart TV!

If you want to watch videos on your big screen TV, love to play Android games, chat via video, but annoying little screen tablet or mobile phone, then this device is for you!

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    I represent to your attention a small overview very useful in the economy thing, namely 7.1.2 Android smart TV box Amlogic S905W X96 MINI 2/16GB. I bought it here from this seller on Ali.

    The main function of this device is the ability to use your TV as a SMART TV. For those who have your TV model has a similar feature from the factory, our Chinese friends have developed this wonderful device :-).

    To purchase this product is 2 270 rubles on the website Aliexpress from Chinese supplier in the configuration 2Gb/16 Gb and about 1200 rubles for 1Gb/8 Gb RAM/ROM, respectively. Ordering from China was delivered to me in 26 days, in General, is a standard term.

    Before You continue to read this review, I want to offer you to watch a review on TV console Eachlink H6 mini, it is also compact mini, the most expensive $ 10 on this, but in functionality, power, and other characteristics will give odds not only her, but many top-end devices! In General, I advise.

    This console is an updated version from older SMART TV BOX X96.

    The new console version was released on the most advanced operating system Android 7.1.2 Nougat (previous was Android 6). The device works on the new four core processor Amlogic S905W with a clock frequency of 2 GHz, which was developed by the company in 2017.

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    The amount of RAM is 2Gb, constant memory is 16 Gb expandable using Micro SD memory cards up to 64 Gb (there is also a version 1/8 Gb). It is possible to connect to the Internet via a WiFi connection or by wired connection via LAN.

    If we talk about the increase to the name «mini», the device is slightly different from its predecessor with more compact dimensions, but there is no optical audio output, which was in the previous version of the console. If someone is using the audio system connected through fiber optic cable should pay attention to this important point.


    The device comes in a small matte black box with beautiful gold inscriptions. Inside the console, the power supply to 5V, remote control, HDMI cable, remote control, an infrared port, a holder for the device, which by means of an adhesive base will hold your device on the surface, and of course manual.

    What is Smart TV BOX itself, and accordingly, what opportunities do we provide this attachment?

    So, externally, the device is equipped with the following connectors on the first side:

    • connector for power supply at 5V.;
    • rj-45 (Ethernet) to connect the wired Internet (the so-called «twisted pair»);
    • The HDMI connector to transmit digital video data of high resolution to your TV;
    • AV output (called Tulip), to transmit video signals to old TVs not having HDMI technology;
    • the output of the IR to connect external IR port.

    On the other side we have:

    • two USB ports
    • micro SD connector for connecting the additional memory module.
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    On the third side is the infrared port for use of remote control, it is hidden under the plastic, visually we do not observe.

    At the bottom of a reinforced casing is perforated for ventilation; rubber feet; a sticker with the MAC address of the device (this is necessary for the ISP to connect the cable directly to the smart console) and two loops, for the holder to secure it behind the TV on the wall (or on the TV), thereby hiding it in a secret place.

    The device is easily and quickly connected to a TV, you only need to connect all the cables and turn it on the network. Finally we get a full Android system in your own TV.


    The operating system shell does not have any design frills – it’s simple, and most importantly understandable. The control is through a remote control.

    Most of the required software is already installed on the device and, most importantly, improved work and management on it:

    • free cinema on the Internet (HDREzka, HD Video Box, LazyMedia, Zone, Kinescope) will give the possibility of unlimited choice of movies for every taste;
    • Torrent TV. And this – more than 800 free TV channels;
    • Bizon TV;
    • Fork player;
    • YouTube;
    • Google Chrome browser to view pages on the Internet;
    • Video players;
    • Radioprogramas…

    and other necessary software.

    But even if you can’t do this, you can install any program by just downloading it with all known Google Play. By the way, you can associate your device with your Google account and get all the benefits of this service on your TV.

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    In the process of operation STB SMART TV BOX mini X96 established itself as a reliable, very fast and correctly made the SMART TV function. The seller on Aliexpress can also be recommended!

    The video from the memory card of the drone reads without problems, as with many other devices. Very convenient that she is «omnivorous» and allows you to view all possible formats. At least I still this was not some video or audio file is not opened.

    Perhaps the only thing missing is a built-in Bluetoth for listening audiorama in Bluetooth headphones Bluedio, but it needs only very small percentage of people. In extreme cases, for about$ 5 you can purchase a USB bluetoth «whistle» and insert it into one of the two USB connectors.

    I recommend to buy! And you can order on Aliexpress, you can here.