Starting device for automobile portable Urbanroad

In order to help the battery in winter time to push the starter and start the car, I looked on Aliexpress starter on this page.

Given the purpose and power in Urbanroad current to 600 Amp, quite cheap, just RUB 2065 package arrived in 5 weeks, packing normal, the device intact.

The contents

  1. Function
  2. Power Bank
  3. Repair and restoration
  4. Charging


What features spelled out:

Well, first of all, for what I took is starting. In the promotional video actually disconnect the battery and connect this device, and all start with the fly.

Immediately struck by the small wires on the starter, about 6 square and is on a current 600 And? Even short-term?

In reality, even with a busted battery to start the car failed — the starter just knocks, but not spinning. Without it also.

Gets even warmed up the car that much to say about the cold!

Power Bank

The following function in Urbanroad — power Bank — charge 5 volts for mobile and tablets. Initially worked, after 2 months 5 volts disappeared. Well, I am majoring circuitry, took it apart, looked track all soot nowhere, rang electrolytic capacitors, it is the most common cause of failure — it’s all right.

Repair and restoration

Decided to put your diet, good, 12 volts is preserved, the Chinese have a good choice of power units, but did not want to wait, especially since I have more Soviet was chip 142ЕН5, of course, it sucks by modern standards — parametric, began to be heated, but the run will not have and internal protection from short circuit and overheating.

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Of course, I had to put dampening 5-watt resistor based current output 2 A. Held simultaneously charging a smartphone and tablet — the heating is, but it is tolerable, at least, nothing does not warp or goes down and fit in a regular box. Of course, you need a radiator, but then would not fit.


Go ahead — the battery charging function, but it’s even trying not to zagrabiti the battery immediately, because the stabilization of the current of this instrument are not.

Remains flashlight here any complaints against him: two modes of power, permanent and intermittent — everything is as it should be.

So here,once again convinced that the avaricious pays twice. It is better to choose another option more expensive, and with lots of positive feedback on Aliexpress here. What really can recommend is the Registrar Podofo and stylish cases covers fur CROWN for the winter.