Stabilizer Steadicam for camera

An overview of the mechanical stabilizer for phones & action cameras (Steadicam).

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality and reliability
  3. Functionality and use
  4. Opinion

Where to buy

Specifically this model Steadicam is available in abundance from sellers in China, so the prices are quite low in comparison with Russian. Personally I bought it for 1350 rubles on Aliexpress.

In Russia, prices start at 3-4 thousand. The joy of such savings kompensiruet languid expectation of a delivery length in a month (in Moscow).

The stabilizer comes in a box with a size of about 50-60 inches in length and about 30 centimeters in width.Is he there folded (two iron plates and screws).

Quality and reliability

Of course, there are three weights to balance the camera. As for quality, then the user should try to break something. All items are iron and very durable.

Visual stadium looks pretty nice: red and silver with black prorezinennoj handle (to avoid slipping of the hand).

Consider the stabilizer is designed only for mobile devices and lightweight action camera, to 400-500 grams. You should not experiment with more serious equipment for two reasons: the stabilizer will be impossible to lift with one hand (or rather, it would be problematic), and not the fact that heavy Camera simply will not fly with thread and, of course, it simply will not perform the role of a stabilizer.

By the way! If you want to fix the mobile device in advance to order a special mount. In the kit it is not.

Functionality and use

Now closer to the functionality of the Steadicam. I think it is clear that the mechanical stabilizer, in any event, will not perform their work as electronic tri-axis. And, in fact, is not clear to me the reason for the popularity of Steadicam I bought, because at least it does its job.

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I think mostly people buy it people like me who just took the time to read reviews.

Design seems to me to be quite uncomfortable, and totally noncompact. The same stabilization can be achieved using plugins for post processing.

If you need a stabilizing gadget for a couple of days of shooting, it is better to rent a full electronic stabik, which, in the case of mobile phone, will cost you only about 600-700 rubles per day.


Summary: of course, the appearance of Steadicam and additional amenities (e.g. level so as not to overwhelm the horizon) play an important role, but only in addition to practical and useful stabilizer.

My opinion is: if your requirements are a little higher than anything, look to the online version, despite its price, or use plugins for post processing.

My rating 1/5 because of the visibility of Steadicam may still be some sort of benefit, but obviously not corresponding to its value. Bought it on Aliexpress here.

But better to take X-Cam smartphone.