Stabilizer for smartphone X-CAM (for iPhone)

A couple of months ago ordered Aliexpress regulator for phone — X Cam Creative for 2680 Slight RUB In the product description it says that this device can operate 2 — 3 hours, suitable for devices with screen sizes from 4.5 to 5.5 inches, and the angle could vary in the range of 175 degrees.

The contents

  1. Where to buy and how much it cost
  2. The pros and cons
  3. For iPhone

Where to buy and how much it cost

Did order from this seller .He quickly sent the item and after 20 days the parcel was already at my place. The first impression is great, as everything was neatly Packed and the box was presentable.

Included with the stabilizer was following accessories: USB charging cable, hexagon for configuration, two linings (if your device is too small), carrying pouch and instructions in English.

After two months of use, I formed the impression from the purchase, which I will share with you after the description of two of its sides.

The pros and cons


  • mobility ( he has a fairly small dimensions in comparison with analogues, namely, height 15 cm, width about 14 cm);
  • good work with devices that have a small weight;
  • charging. It was enough for 1.5 — 2.5 hours.

Negative sides:

localization, for instruction in the English language. To make it clear how to configure this device, you will need to translate it.
lack of information about what devices the stabilizer compatible, so as to buy a pig in a poke is not very nice.

You can argue that the seller indicated, suitable for devices with certain screen sizes. But the stabilizer also affects the weight of the phone, which is not specified.

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For iPhone

Then I still had an IPhone 5S this accessory , in my opinion, was the best stabilizer for this smartphone, because the iPhone had the perfect size and little weight.

But when I bought the IPhone 7 Plus, the device was not always adequate to work with him (he changed the shooting angle, there were small twitches) , because the phone had more weight. So I had to abandon the use of this stabilizer to record work.

So, before you buy this regulator, you must weigh your phone if its weight is more than 112 g (that weighs as much IPhone 5s) , then purchased this device I do not advise, because there is a strong likelihood that his work will only disappoint you.

What else Xiaomi or Lenovo, or other Android smartphone will feel great on it. Again, I bought it here.