SSD 240gb Kingdian S280

Often, a computer bought for big money a couple of years ago can quickly lose its relevance. To refresh a laptop or computer, resorting to the replacement of components with more efficient ones. For example, you can replace the conventional HDD of high performance SSD.

This technique increases the read speed of the system files on the disk, which gives a noticeable gain of productivity. But these drives have a few drawbacks.

The most important — the price. Buy a SSD Sata 3 drive in a normal shop «costing» you in big money regardless of the model and capacity. Fortunately we have such a versatile trading platform like Aliexpress.

The cost of SSD-drives there are much lower and the quality remains at the high level. To verify this, I also decided to order from there SSD. Long chose, because choice it’s so huge!

Sometimes even met and such names, that language is not turned such to tell! There was also a selection among the disks on TLC and MLC. But, I don’t really believe that the Chinese will sell cheap drives on MLC memory. I still gave quite popular in Aliexpress brand «KingDian».

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  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Conclusion
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Where to buy

I was impressed with the fact that my chosen model S280 KingDian SSD was bought more than 15 thousand times. Even for Chinese shop this figure!

I read the reviews and decided, because the evil and negative was very little. I chose a volume of 240 GB.

Explain why it took such a volume: there is such a pattern that the more volume SSD-drive, the higher the speed of data exchange with the motherboard. It is really so!

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So, the speed of the drive S280 240 gigabytes already rests in the bandwidth of SATA3. That is, more volume to take just doesn’t make sense!

The price was optimal, so I kind of almost felt. And for me this amount was more than enough, especially since I took it in addition to your main HDD drive.

The cost of the order came to 30$ with free shipping. Took on Aliexpress at the official seller of the brand KingDian here on this page.

A parcel all the way well monitored. At delivery revealed a small problem, namely, the parcel was detained at the border and kept it there for about a week. Don’t know why, but she still came. In General, the delivery took three weeks.


The package came wrinkled, but on the border it has not been opened. The drive itself was intact and working. After connecting the SSD to work without any problems.

It took additional configuration. «Broken» disk to partition and installed it just two systems: Ubuntu and Windows 8.1. With any of these problems are not found.

Checked the speed with CrystalDiskMark program. My performance even exceeded those promised by the seller on the product page.

About TLC memory, it is considered that this type of memory is not as reliable as MLC. But time goes on and production TLC has reached such a level that he almost caught up with MLC memory.


Therefore, the disk resource can not survive! I read somewhere that if the drive with TLC memory every day, to overwrite a volume of 100 GB, then that drive will «die» after 3 years.

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There is a legend that Chinese SSD drives fail after a couple of months. I already use KingDian 3 months, but complaints are not. The drive works perfectly and its free!!!

Once again, I ordered on Aliexpress here. I recommend from the same memory module Kingston HyperX and article, how to build a cheap but powerful computer for the server components with Ali.