Squishees cake

For fans of creative stuff, Squishees cake.

I recently stumbled upon a very cool product and immediately decided to order it. It was Squish the Cake-antistress. It cost me 380 rubles (i.e. about $ 5). The item came after 4 weeks in the Mail of Russia in the city of Voronezh.

The money was well spent!!!

For those who don’t know: squishees are Japanese toys that are made of polyurethane foam. They can compress as you like, they can easily accept the former form.

I’m happy, the cake is very soft and pleasant to the touch, it really calms the nerves. Feel it, compare it with marshmallows marshmallow, only bigger size.

Its diameter is eleven inches, height seven inches. On the top tier of the cake is 6 red strawberries. Realism give the yellow ring,which is mastic.

The whole cake smells like vanilla, because the foam from which it is made, is impregnated with a special flavor. Toy like the real confection and very pleasing to the eye.

The seller in the presence of cakes of different colors: yellow, brown, blue, red blue, mixed. Everyone can choose one that will suit the taste. This is a big plus.

The link to the product I think I’ll leave here: this is a direct link to the product, but the reference to toys of this theme. If you like creative toys I can recommend another 3D ball puzzles in the maze and designer Lepin. Well, for the kids, of course, glowing gloves and soft designer «Gear».

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