Spring women’s shoes oxfords

Shoes-oxfords women’s unlined, laced and thin-soled for$ 16, or 1,000 rubles, I took on Aliexpress here on this page are the official manufacturer of the STQ.

This is my second pair of shoes from a store STQ after boot loafers. Needed shoes the case cool and rainy summer Slippers is textile. Took all summer and was satisfied as an elephant.

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Material the seller is positioned as the skin a natural, I’m certainly no expert, but it seemed like the skin, maybe it is pressed leather. Smooth outside, fleecy inside like suede. In the store the choice was three colors: classic white and black, and pink.

Came my pink shoes relatively quickly, about three weeks before Smolensk, track to track. Color in life is quite nice, pale pink. Inside shoes light grey inside and brown leather insole.


Insole without the foam layer, the sole is too thin for me and our roads, feel every stone, so put an extra insole inside was just fine!

Themselves the shoes are very soft, comfortable and light. Inside the heel part there is a seam in the bow some fabric material. If you wear nylon socks and in the heat, feet sweat of course, given that the shoes are closed from all sides. On the bare foot shoes I don’t wear may would be more comfortable.


During a fairly active socks, and even in the rain, spring shoes, STQ is not deformed, a sole, stitches too, even creases especially. I like them, waiting for the summer to wear them again and stomp in puddles.

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Again, bought these wonderful shoes here on Aliexpress. Well they fit pleated skirt with shorts and pullover hooded patchwork.