Spot welding SUNKKO 787a plus

Spot welding SUNKKO brand, model 787a + I ordered for creation of batteries for bikes and not only on the basis of 18650 batteries.

But will it be applied in other cases of which every year appears more and more, given the occurrence of batteries in our lives (power-Banki, laptops, uninterrupted power and a different motor, which soon will be even on a large number of cars. At least hybrid).

Had doubts about this particular manufacturer. Many people have talked about good quality, but for some reason a lot of people come weld with a broken front panel and the seller re-sent at his own expense the panel replaced. Nothing criminal, just they had to wait longer.

The contents

  1. Where to buy and accessories
  2. Appearance and usability
  3. Charger
  4. Opinion
  5. Video

Where to buy and accessories

In my case everything was in excellent condition and the unit SUNKKO was generally Packed very securely. Ordered here on Aliexpress.

Included were:

  • The unit itself 787a;
  • Pedal foot for convenience;
  • A set of electrodes;
  • A set of contact plates for soldering. How many of them were not you know, not think, but decent.

Appearance and usability

The unit is very heavy, the size of a toaster. The top has a carry handle, behind the wire is connected to 220 Volts and the fuse network.

It consumes a maximum of 15 Amps, the output will have a 6 Volts and a maximum of 800 Amperes, which can be adjusted.

The pedal has a rubber top surface and rubber legs at the bottom. It allows you to apply the pulses without using the usually busy hands.

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Top manual controller changes the force in the range of 300-750 grams. That is, the adjustable spring pressure on the weld by mechanical means.

The front panel has a display panel showing power. To the right of it are two switches — red and green. One includes charging a second mode of welding.

Feet for bottom electrodes are illuminated by powerful white LEDs that is certainly convenient. The top touch buttons, you can control welding current and pulses — see details in the video below.


Yes, welding machine Sunkko 787а allows you to work in charging mode like memory LiitoKala Lii402 for different battery packs and cans with a maximum current of 3A, which, however, can be easily adjusted.


Overall all very happy, the unit is completely worth the money and looks professional. The contact tape welded to the batteries 18650 instantly with a single pulse. But you can use two momentum for even greater reliability.

The footswitch is very helpful, it is not always easy to push on the foot prior to deployment. If it breaks, you can replace the other — the seller has in selling spare parts, but varies through a conventional connector such as a computer mouse. But I’m not broke.

Conclusion: very much I advise to purchase! Again, the link to the Aliexpress.