Sports headphones Bluedio TN

So, ordered on Aliexpress headphones Bluedio TN black, for 1300 rubles. I have to say, for its price good headphone, but the feeling is twofold.

Delivery to Moscow by regular mail 21 days — not too bad, not very good. Packed well, while shipping damage is difficult, this is important.

Branded box with instructions inside, charging cable and replaceable ear cushions. The earphones themselves look neat, aesthetically pleasing, in General, the first impression is positive.

The contents

  1. The sound quality
  2. Dispute on Ali
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video

The sound quality

Sound quality, bass is also quite the reception level, there is noise reduction. Microphone — «so-so» to speak, but the interlocutor will hear you as on bad radio.

There are different colors from different youth of color to the simple dark gray.

BUT the most important thing — after the first hour listening has stopped working right earpiece! It would seem that the only product from the packaging, incidentally, is not rumpled for the delivery can not be attributed. Was very, very sad when that kind of money headphones enough hour.

Three hours later off button noise reduction headphones Bluedio TN seems determined to self-destruct. Despite the fact that the left speaker was still reproduced the sound by 50%, the gadget has become rubbish. Had to open a dispute.

Dispute on Ali

The seller replied only once a day, the dispute lasted approximately five days, including a discussion of prices and provide photo/video evidence. Asked to fix the button, no problem, but then offered to cancel the dispute — after all, one earphone works!

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In the end, the seller agreed to refund money for the defective product, came the next day.

Work offline headphone Bluedio TN lasts about one working day of continuous use (8 hours), a good result. Sit tight in the ear, when walking do not fall. However, you still live your life — it runs out for a couple of hours, it will hang and not respond to any button until you put on charging. Oh, what, and willfulness, they can not refuse.


In the end, the headphones was interesting, comfortable, but «raw». Whether it is in the product itself, whether I got a bad sample, but the experience is definitely spoiled. And so, when not buggy — perfect gadget.

Bought on Aliexpress here on this page. I recommend to see more like Bluedio model Ai and model DFOI FreeBud with Bluetoth 5.0.