Sport watch, Xiaomi Mi Band

Recently I was faced with the choice of buying the sports watch Xiaomi Mi Band 3 for 2033 roubles or classic Casio watches for 3153 R. I wanted to look stylish, but still sporty. So I settled on a choice of these watches that combine style and minimalism. Bought on Aliexpress here on this page at the official representative of the brand, Xiaomi.

The contents

  1. Why do they need
  2. Sport and weight
  3. Sleep
  4. Design and usability
  5. Cons and conclusions
  6. Video

Why do they need

Sport and weight

When I began to play sports, I had the need for counting calories burned during the measurement of excess weight. I did a killer build, scale and Xiaomi smart watches, which are associated with one Mi Fit app. By the way, what watch is that smart scales came very quickly from China to Samara Russia mail.

One of the advantages was the ability to swim under water up to 50 meters because of the protective capsule.


One of the advantages of this bracelet is the measurement of the pulse and the quality of your sleep. It is interesting to examine himself, even in sleep, to see how the heart works, how you sleep and in what condition was your dream.

Design and usability

Design in my favorite minimalist style, there is nothing superfluous, just enough to comfortably do not feel them on the hand. Made and touch display, the ability to receive calls and contactless payment.

Now you do not need to carry cards or phone, through which we had to pay for purchases in stores, he is now perfectly replaces. The main advantages of this product is the price the Chinese have done for us cheap device, which is teeming in our cities.

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Cons and conclusions

Cons of these fitness watches is the fact that the case sticks out of the strap. Also the strap is made of cheap rubber in my opinion. Price makes Xiaomi Mi Band securename, everyone began to see this watch and began to push.

A smart alarm works as a simple home alarm and sense in it I did not see. Also Russian language support is not so, as I would like to see, need them to add a linguist or polyglot to all of them corrected. Missing navigation mode, strangely, a small minus.

To summarize, the product chassis, it is almost everyone, so we will not do to boast, but only to fulfil its intended purpose — sport. Once again, took on Aliexpress here. I can still recommend sports wireless headphone Bluedio Ai and smart scales, Xiaomi Mithat will allow you to see changes in your weight on the charts with the Soviets.