Split ring or sliding the baking dish

Good day! Today I want to tell you about my helper in the kitchen – sliding the baking dish. I bought it on AliExpress website for 375 rubles, delivery is free. Came within a month, well Packed, in a box, whole. The order made here.

The contents

  1. General characteristics
  2. Purpose
  3. Experience in the use of
  4. Biscuits and cakes
  5. Freezing toppings
  6. Moscovie cakes
  7. Salads and snacks
  8. Opinion

General characteristics

The mold is made of stainless steel, quite durable and has no bottom. Diameter is adjustable with a simple sliding mechanism from 16 to 30 cm, height – 8.5 cm Inside the markings for height (from 1 to 8 cm) and diameter (in increments of 2 cm, but you can put any).


Using this form you can:

  • bake a cake of any diameter (from 16 to 30 cm);
  • ready to cut the cake (the filling) to the desired size;
  • to form the cake (classic or Muscovy);
  • to assemble salads and cold snacks.

Experience in the use of

Constantly use it for baking biscuits. Choose the right size to me and wrap the bottom foil (1 or 2 layers, depending on foil density and consistency of the dough), but… when you squeeze the shape to the desired size, it may itself diverges back.

To prevent this from happening, I fix the top of the form with a paper clip (paper clips), and so baked. It is important the completed form is then to carry and pour the batter directly on the grate and so send in the oven.

Biscuits and cakes

Ready biscuit in this form turns out more equal and high when compared with conventional split forms. But it should bake for 5-10 minutes longer so the bottom crust remained damp and sticky.

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It is the most convenient form for the Assembly classic sponge cakes. Even if cream came out a little runny, he’s not going anywhere, and the cake after curing is smooth and beautiful.

Freezing toppings

I also use this form for freezing different fillings in cake (marmalade, confit, caramel), pre-obcanov the bottom with cling film. But it is not suitable for very liquid fillings (e.g. jelly). In places of fastening it will leak out.

Moscovie cakes

For assembling mousse cakes the best fit one-piece ring-cutter – there’s definitely nothing escape. But in the sliding ring is possible. Put a form on the substrate as even as possible, I record the clips to size and lay the side of the acetate film. Then gently pour the cake, being careful not to touch the form itself. Put into the fridge to stabilize the gelatin, and then in the freezer until complete freezing.

Salads and snacks

For salads and cold snacks, my ring is not used, but everything is simple: put on a plate, fixed size, greased the sides with butter and went to put the layers.


The use of this form has its own nuances and I can’t call it universal. But with her appearance in my kitchen baking process has become much easier and more pleasant, and the result is better!).

Again, bought it here on Aliexpress. Still I can recommend a silicone Mat to roll dough and a waffle maker Hong Kong waffle.