Soonpure — hydrophilic oil to clean the skin

Today I’d like to tell you about my experience buying on Aliexpress hydrophilic oil Soonpore and how I use it, what were the pros and cons of this tool…

I bought the 11th November, at the 50% discount and it cost me about 5 dollars instead of the initial 10-I. the Discount is given on the coupon that it was necessary to “catch” the auction at a specific time that it doesn’t always work, as I see it very much. When selling oil salesman coupon not taken into account and wanted to sell me his at a starting price of what I wrote to him that I will complain to the administration. In response, the apology, and eventually the coupon was used.

Yes, more important: I bought in official store Soonpure Ali, where he has the status of a «Trusted brand» and over 98% positive feedback.

The delivery was carried out by regular mail and even despite the peak season (Christmas holidays, black Friday etc.) were produced on time.

It was Packed parcel on conscience: carton box and foam box top, so nothing was wrinkled. Looking quite presentable: you can even take for a gift.

Cardboard box yellow-green in color, decorated very nicely and tastefully. Just disappointed that the inscriptions were in Chinese only. English only «MOIST MAKEUP OIL PURIFICATION«.

Inside the beautiful 200-ml transparent bottle with white spray (spray can not be called, because the liquid does not spray like perfume, and pours a thin stream).

When you stand up, the substance inside is stratified in 2 layers with the smooth color transition, already look nice. Sprinkle the jar with a long spout, making use very convenient: the liquid flows straight into the palm, but! Significant negative-if you keep the bottle inverted for a while then it slips (or maybe it’s just I got a jar of defect).

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Though the Internet is hydrophilic oil and painted as a gentle cleanser, but, in my opinion, it is not very suitable for dry skin. Yes, with their purpose perfectly — a person cleans right up to the scratch, however very dry skin and no cream or hydrating mask after it did not do. Although it may be other hydrophilic oil is not as aggressive as the Chinese (this is my first experience and nothing to compare it to, so to pretend to be an expert will not). Also, be careful that the oil does not get into the eyes: when washing much it stings, and then redness and as if sand in eyes.

How to use — instruction

According to the instructions you need to apply oil on clean, dry hands on clean dry skin, massage, then wet your hands so that the oil foamed and re-massage then rinse.

After soaking the foam is not as strong as I was expecting (although maybe it should be) and washed off easily. After the skin is shiny, clean and smooth as a baby.

By the way, if there are circles, wrinkles, or «bruising» under the eyes, I recommend more and special patches from ALIVER.

The seller was very responsive and got me a well-deserved 5 stars. Buying sent me a little present: large square cotton pads are very good quality. Bought here.

Fly in the ointment: the production date of 2015, and a 3-year shelf life ends in 2018, although I bought it in 2017. It turns out that to consume the contents of the vial I have just over a year, which in my case is unrealistic, so I will have to throw it away so plainly..

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Overall, I am satisfied with the responsiveness of the seller and the delivery time too. Can’t complain, especially because I bought it at a discount of 50%, i.e. somewhere around 4-5 dollars. Again, bought here.