Solid shampoo soap for hair

Decided to order on Aliexpress solid shampoo or soap for hair on the advice of his girlfriend. Took here on this page.

For me it was something new. It comes in the small washers at 55-60 grams of different color and smell. There are lavender, cinnamon, sea breeze, orange, Apple green, etc.

According to the producers, it is done by cold pressed natural ingredients and dehydration. Well, I do not believe there is no reason)) Average prices 1-3$, plus due to the cashback EPN you can recover some amount.

Some of the sellers there are entire gift sets, very beautiful and look very expensive as if it’s a cool brand. By the way, about the brands of Famous Chinese JABONE is a complete analog of the highly touted in the West LUSH. Girls who read modern Western magazines, I understand.

Wash the head very simple. I thought it would be uncomfortable. It really is like soap on a washcloth to RUB, only in this case of hair. Quickly foam and the foam spreads well even on thick hair.

Plus in this package is easy to carry with you when traveling, for example, on the sea, on a journey or on a business trip. Only a small soap dish. Or can one bar of soap with ordinary soap to place that also saves space in the bag.

It really is enough for a few months, so this dry shampoo is highly compressed and in one bar a lot!

After using the hair and drying just shiny and look great, they are very nice to touch. Be very tender for combs, Curling irons, Curling.

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In General, I recommend this new invention from the Chinese. Below is a video and in the comments you can leave your questions and I will answer!

Again, bought on Aliexpress here. I can still recommend out hydrophilic oil Soonpure and women’s epilator with hot wax.

Video: test