Soldering station YIHUA 908 +

My soldering station YIHUA 908 plus I took on Aliexpress here is about 2500 rubles. Unlike most other such stations, in this case, the control unit is very simple and it is not a must keep on the table, and it can hang on a wire and that determined my choice.

The package came to me 3 months ago, I was waiting for its delivery from China in about a month, as most of these parcels. The shipping was free.

The contents

  1. The convenience and quality
  2. Control panel
  3. Unlike the plus version from D
  4. Remontoprigoden
  5. Opinion
  6. Video

The convenience and quality

What I immediately liked is the ease of handle of the soldering iron, and properly distributed weight inside. Feeling like this, like writing with a ballpoint pen in a notebook. Well, or a marker on the table — very convenient.

About block I wrote above. I will only mention the convenience of working at height and not the most convenient places. For me as an installer, this was important. Homebody with a full Desk, it’s not so interesting, but even a homebody periodically forced to solder in the other areas. For example, in the garage, the car, etc.

At first he was afraid of the wire, but it was fairly thick and easy electronic control Board on it certainly not affects. In addition, the wire does not melt when touching the hot tip.

The length of it to the controller — 80 cm, from the regulator to the socket is about 135 cm

Control panel

The panel has the following things:

  • The power button;
  • Regulation of the temperature, sting like a thermostat with a rotary knob in the range of 200-480V degrees Celsius;
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Unlike the plus version from D

The model YIHUA908 have a version with indices «+» and «D». The second is a little more expensive, but the only difference is that it has a digital heating indicator light and release button it. But I decided to just take PLUS used to work on the feelings during soldering, and not looking at the screen.

In the kit I had a soft case, a box for solder and flux (rosin), soldering iron tips. When ordering, look carefully, there are different options, including with hard bag box, which is more suitable for retreat master electronics and the Adjuster.


In the case of 908 all parts repairable. The soldering iron can be easily disassembled-spins, all the necessary parts vzaimoosmotry with other models and standaryzowane. From sellers it’s all there in the sale.

But it looks very soundly, don’t even know what can be useful to change except sting or, for example, plugs 220.

Also, electronic hobbyists and electronic engineers, electrician can advise more good multimeter DT-9205M and powerful, but compact headlamp Boruit — easy and convenient, does not interfere, but often helps.


The soldering iron YIHUA very happy. Recommend taking version a plus, not a D. But of course it’s not super-duper stationary station type YouTue 8586, but the price is quite different, plus the convenience of use and ease out of the desktop. Again, took on Aliexpress on this page.


This is a video of one of the stores that sell them, but to take still better for ALI, considering the price and the ability to return the money through cashback service EPN.

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