Soldering iron TS100 — smart assistant

In professional studios and just avid hobbyists use the soldering station, which we have repeatedly published reviews, whether sensational YOUYUE 8586 or more simple and cheap ALL-IN-ONE Selection.

But what if you just need a good and reliable soldering iron for the house?

Of course, you can buy the regular at the hardware store or on Aliexpress and then periodically suffer with the replacement bent soldering tip or heating element fast. While soldering is absolutely no information about the heating temperature of solder and without any possibilities.

But you can also do it more wisely and buy a soldering iron BLACK TS100 or TS-BC2 with GearBest on this link.

Yes, the price it is much larger than expected many, but here are his benefits:

  • The low weight of 21 grams without a sting and small size (17 cm) with a maximum power of 65 Watts;
  • Soldering iron tips of different diameters and lengths in the set of the Spetssplav that change in just a few seconds;
  • Bright OLED display right in the handle with the full information.
  • Temperature adjustment via button;
  • Smart control via built-in STM32 processor, which quickly compensates for the temperature drop at the tip of the stinger, which is very handy for soldering large malozatratnye sites;
  • The built-in accelerometer, which reduces the operating temperature necessary, and also «sleep mode» when leaving the working place;
  • Control, settings and flashing when connected to a computer or smartphone.

Powered by the power supply in the range 12-24 Volts. From a car or motorcycle battery, but at home it is better to use any suitable power supply.

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In this case, the output power depends on the voltage. Here’s the lineup:

12-16-19-24 Volt = 17-30-40-65 Watts respectively.

All the rest is in the video below…

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Link to the full description