Solar «Solar Star» for charging smartphone and other devices — an honest review

Recently decided to order on the Internet solar panels to charge the smartphone, is still the twenty-first century in the yard. To order chose the Aliexpress. Searched not long, and in the end found a suitable product.

Solar «Solar Star». The cost of this solar panels, compared to the same — average, three hundred and fifty nine rubles, which is slightly more than six dollars. Bought here.

The order was in the city of Belgorod exactly one month, put directly in the mailbox. Visually, the packaging is not damaged. Packaged solar battery was in a dense envelope of brown paper, inside is still in plastic bag with «pimples.» The battery was glued protective films on both sides.


The size of the solar panels 11.5 cm by 8.5 cm On the back of the battery specified is a number, probably model — CNC85X115-18. No indication of power or voltage no instructions either.

Done at first glance, quality materials, hand pretty heavy (for a subject this size, respectively). The surface is glossy. On the back of the product. About the voltage and wattage, I’ll tell later.

The only thing I was not pleased with is the lack of any wires and connectors for power, charging, etc. Is a solar panel you need to do yourself, and it’s just a solar panel for it, it still required to solder wires.

How to connect

I’m not an electrician and did not even try to do. Gave to a friend with a request to investigate, he soldered wire and led micro USB cord for charging. How to do it? Just look back two droplets of solder (two contact), put the battery in the sun or under a bulb (not under energy saving or led, and an incandescent bulb with filament) and connect the tester (multimeter). He’ll show you where plus and where a minus.

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Try it, you can make the following conclusions: charges even in cloudy weather, produces a voltage — 16 volts (if I understood correctly comrades). Thus, to connect directly to a smartphone do not need to connect the so-called «Krenke,» which can be purchased at any radio shack, electronic components. Suitable ROLL 5A or any imported counterpart. This crenca so popular that it will be in stock any electrician or hobbyist.


  • A voltage of 16 Volts, but this voltage. Under load will be less;
  • Power measurements of approximately 4 Watts the direct rays if the cloud power will be lower.

But 16 volts is ideal for charging a car or motorcycle battery. True, the power is quite weak, but you can buy several and connect them in parallel.

Unfortunately, the results of use of this particular product is deplorable, soldered wiring soon came off, again I do not.

If you are going to make your device to charge yourself, to solder, to do any case, the solar battery you don’t need, as she does not want me. Wearing in this form her uncomfortable. Saw there’s also other models, are ready, are expensive, and will order one of them here.