Socks for swimming and sports Layatone

Engaged in scuba diving for several years. The equipment for this kind of extreme passion is not cheap, especially in regional markets. Thus, selection of products and manufacturers is very modest, the prices are too high at times, and the quality leaves much to be desired.

Unfortunately, wetsuits are worn out and at the slightest errors of area to cling to, especially if the waters are richly saturated with wildlife and vegetation.

The contents

  1. Where to buy and on delivery
  2. Colors, sizes and quality neoprene
  3. Conclusion

Where to buy and on delivery

So I had to say goodbye to my old socks, the seams of which dispersed without the possibility of recovery. I stopped on neoprene socks Layatone F1601MC in 7mm thick for snorkeling and diving and it has paid off. Buying socks is available on Aliexpress at the following link.

Free shipping was carried out by Standard Shipping service of AliExpress and the period of 21 days, very pleased with the seller, sending a parcel for 14 days. It was Packed in a sturdy plastic bag and wrapped with tape to prevent damage to the integrity of the package. At the time of purchase acted discounts of the seller and the price was 576 rubles.

Colors, sizes and quality neoprene

The seller has three colors of socks: multi-kalor, camouflage and brown. Your preferences I gave color multi-color.

Dimensional grid a little untrue and slightly inflated. To your size 42, I bought 43 and it has paid off. However, socks are designed for a narrow shaft of the leg. The size range is represented from 37 to 46 size.

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Socks are made from soft neoprene, 7 mm, perfect for the fall and spring spearfishing season. However, for low temperature winter, the best is neoprene 9 mm.

I would also like to note that heel and toe reinforced material that adds strength to use. The seams are stitched efficiently and thoroughly fused, and it is not unimportant factor.

Properly chosen geometry allows you to comfortably do what he likes. The tall shaft comes under the well seal.

Material over time, not stretched and sat down, the seams are not separated.


Purchase the result was satisfied. For lowest price have received high quality merchandise. Socks Layatone doing great with their goals: high thermal insulation, water resistance and excellent elongation. Thank you seller. Once again, took on Aliexpress here.

Still I can recommend gloves for swimming , and wireless sonar Fish Finderto know where the more interesting underwater animals!