Sneaker XEK for dancing and sports

Sneakers brand XEK was worth 1207 rubles, went to Ulyanovsk for approximately 2.5 months by ordinary mail. Bought them on Aliexpress here on this page.

The product was packaged in a conventional package and monitored. The seller is very sociable (I think, if you regularly order from him, you can negotiate a discount). Shoes fits the description. The color and size came are what I ordered.

Dance sneakers XEK bought for ballroom dancing and is in use for more than two months. It is assumed that it must be very soft and comfortable. Based on personal experience and will speak about the quality of the product.

The sneakers are very soft and stop them movable (as it should be). Perhaps the pros at this end, because after two weeks of use it ripped on the seam. The seam is not smooth enough, but IT’s there!

Normal shoelaces with continuous tying-tear. Shoes is not worth the money.During wear much discomfort is not felt, the shoes never rubbed and not cut.

Despite the fact that the shoes are made of fabric, the foot does not actually breathe, and a long time to be in the shoes of hard. When unpacking there was a slight smell, but very specific. The smell is almost gone after two washings.

After such experience of using the sneakers XEK contacted the seller and described the picture, the seller went to the meeting and was given a discount on future purchases in his store. Ultimately, you might say. that work shop 5 points, and the quality at C grade.

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Sneakers HECK are suitable for any kind of choreography, as well as for everyday use. Look great with any kind of modern clothing for young people. Once again, I bought them on Aliexpress here.