Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Max 2 128gb — review and opinion from the owner

It was nearing the New Year and need to decide on the gift to the couple. To come up with something new was not necessary. Old gadget wife, who served six years, and the former at the time the flagship of the brand Samsung, already obsolete, was just annoying and needed replacement. I wanted to surprise life partner and to put under the tree good, modern, stylish phone.

The contents

  1. Screen, sound and fingerprint scanner
  2. Case
  3. Memory
  4. Camera
  5. Software
  6. Case
  7. Conclusion

With the choice of the manufacturer question does not arise. A little over a year ago I discovered the world of devices from the, then little-known company Xiaomi. Its main advantage is the large selection of devices, functional properties, their quality and pricing is designed for a wide range of consumers.

On «Aliexpress» has ordered a smartphone Xiaomi Mi Max 2 128GB for $ 276.99 with free shipping here. From guarantee for one year at a cost of 629 rubles refused. In addition prepay another seller 576 rubles for the purchase of the cover. The orders came quite quickly, in 23 days, well packaged and undamaged.

Now about the smartphone.

I will not give detailed technical information, it in abundance you will find in the network. Just want to share their impressions about the acquisition.

The first thing that struck the imagination when meeting with him is the dimensions of this «spade» and memory.

Screen, sound and fingerprint scanner

Huge screen size, 6.4 inch diagonal, allowing you to comfortably view photos and videos. The brightness and color saturation – high, turning virtually unchanged. Individual pixels to be considered failed.

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First felt the convenience if you work in two applications simultaneously using the split screen feature (horizontal and vertical). For the development of our little baby has set a lot of developing children’s motor skills applications. On the lap of mommy son, a year and a half, surely «pop» balls, catches mice, let the rocket catches all sorts of bugs.

Well falling asleep to the sounds of rain, rustling leaves, the rumbling of the cat – the good sound in the «Seamist» clean, loud enough, has the format of «stereo». After a week of habituation to hold a smartphone in one hand and control it has become a cliche in the «chip» reduce screen need has disappeared by itself. Access instantly triggered the thumbprint scanner located on the back cover, it seemed inconvenient, but it is also gone.


The case itself is thin, with nice curves, iron buttons, nothing cracks and not loose, good in the hand, lightweight and ergonomic. Gives the impression of something of high quality and solid. Our mommy wears it in his «magical bottomless» purse, if necessary, easily and quickly remove. For men will be a problem to put it in the pocket of your trousers or shirts, but in the inside pocket of the jacket – easy, tried.


128 GB permanent and 4 GB of RAM allow you to forget about the existence of memory. All the «fit» and fit. Don’t know why, but there is a possibility of its expansion by replacing one of the «simok» on a micro SD card up to 128 GB.

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Main camera, made on the module Sony IMX386, I would say — average. With enough light 12 megapixel shoot well, but the lack of light appears slightly mottled. There are shooting in 4k and tracking auto focus.

An additional 8 megapixel camera takes a good selfie. Just for professional photography it is necessary to purchase appropriate equipment, and for everyday use and such variant very much even anything.


When you first start Mi Max 2 has been updated to the latest version the global firmware MIUI 9. The Chinese here have tried their best. A huge variety of settings, makes it easy to configure the smartphone to itself without obtaining any root. Beautiful, intuitive and practical interface, uninstall apps with one swipe, split the screen into two working areas, management of startup programs and «a bunch» of other «junk» makes communication with the device is nice.

Separately want to note the availability of the second space. Through its implementation we see two smartphone in one. Each of them has its own unique IMEI number, if you want, and different accounts, lock login settings. Between the two of them can exchange data. Not bad when you use the «Saami», such as work and home communication device, or transfer for use to another person with limited access to the «extra» information.

To the shell of your phone integrated antivirus. It is not heard and not seen, not annoys each time all sorts of messages. The test can be programmed for any convenient time, in addition it will help to clean the system from unnecessary garbage in the form of a cache of rarely used apps, installation files, and optimize the operation of the device.

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In the previous version of Mi Max was a powerful Snapdragon processor 650, but I personally think its replacement with less efficient Snapdragon 625 is justified. In conjunction with a battery of 5300 mAh camera a surprising period of time without recharging. The average period between charges we made it 3 days, and it’s for such a colossus! And about the performance – the character pulls fine, no lag. In everyday operation, no crashes, no brakes, «flies» consistently and correctly.


Case chose red – black tired. It has a few compartments for cards. Can act as a stand. The item description says leather but I don’t believe. Only time will tell. And so it is beautiful, comfortable and practical.


In conclusion, I do not regret buying Xiaomi Mi 2 Max. Bought a decent smartphone with good performance, better than expected. The gift was a success. Bought here