Smartphone Vertex Imress Nero

Budget smartphone Vertex Imress Nero 4G LTE buy those who believe in the quality of Chinese brands, but still prefer to buy somewhere in a store closer to home and not on Aliexpress and with local warranty.

Vertex is a pretty well-known global brand that has set its objective to provide the population with quality smartphones at a more than reasonable price. We already had one such smartphone version Vertex Black, but now this model.

What is this specific model Imress Nero 4G…

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I must say, to me it fell into the hands of only for test and to use the smartphone for a long time it was not possible, however a General idea about the device I be able.

So, the owner expects a typical design with a slightly rounded smooth edges. Metal body gives Imress Nero style expensive smartphone, but at the same time can be installed on the increasingly popular magnetic holders, which further makes it look like a model on business level.

The charger set on 2 amps that coupled with the connector USB Type-C gives us a quick charging and a long «life» of the cable.

They say that the smartphones of the brand Vertex is totally validated in the Chinese plant and have almost the minimum level marriage relative to other Chinese brands. Two percent versus the 8-10% average.

Buy it on Aliexpress you can not, at least I have not found, but in the retail stores met repeatedly. But on Aliexpress you can find a variety of pouches, bags, films.

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  • The screen is 5.5 inches with IPS matrix production LG and a resolution of 1280*840 (ratio 16*9). In my subjective opinion, the screen lacks brightness and viewing angles. Although, maybe I’m just used to more expensive arrays;
  • Support for two SIM cards, a standard approach today for smartphones on Android;
  • Micro SD card up to 32 GB are supported by replacing one SIM card to the card;
  • Front camera 5.3 Megapixels, rear camera, 13.3 MP with dual flash. The quality of the recording can be seen below on this page;
  • Battery 3300 MAh;
  • Processor ARM Cortex MT6737, 4 cores at 2.1 GHz;
  • RAM — 2 GB, constant internal 16 GB, of which about 7 gigs available to the user after updating Android to the latest version.

Feature is the presence of side buttons on the left side. It’s more convenient for left-handers.


Quite an ordinary state from a little-known, but still well proven Chinese brand. The buttons on the left need to get used to, but if you are left handed, so it will be even easier.

Vertex Imress Nero 4G LTE can be called unisex, suitable for both men and women. For power it is not necessary to expect serious gaming console, emboss 32000 parrots in AnTuTu, but he has other problems.

Vertex impress Nero is comparable with such models of smartphones like the Motorola M XT 1663 and VKworld F1., but the latter is more likely for those who prefer to buy directly on Aliexpress, even without local warranty.