Smartphone Vertex Impress Nero Black 4G — budget-from Vertex

Vertex is one of the most sold brands of smartphones in Russia as of 2018, it is strange that I did not know about it before)))

The contents

  1. About the gadget
  2. Cons
  3. Price
  4. Video

About the gadget

Vertex Impress Nero Black 4G is the state of the lowest class, but have a number of advantages. Of the most significant is the big screen five inches with a resolution of 18:9, quite fit for the big screen the battery is 4000 mAh and metal housing.


Many will ask, why is it not worth buying? And here is my answer: cons Vertex Impress Nero:

  • The most simple classic design, nothing interesting. I am surprised that someone who admires its design. And in that design at all? Classic black rectangle with slightly rounded edges? Are you kidding me?))
  • Very mediocre quality of the screen even with the resolution of the 18:9;
  • The camera is as mediocre as the screen. Plus no in fact stabilize, the video shakes (see below in the video);
  • No extra buttons, they are soft and located in the display — that’s no big screen, because it was partially given to the soft-buttons;
  • Price of 6-7 thousand rubles. Yes, it’s the public sector and much can be forgiven, but…


In my opinion (IMHO) for the same money you can buy something better. View at least equivalent to the price of the model from Xiaomi or Meizu. However, this is only my opinion and I’m sure this device will find its fans.

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Usually there is a need to provide a link on Aliexpress or another store where this vertex can be ordered, but I won’t do it, so I did not like it.