Smartphone Poptel P9000 Max

Why have chosen it Poptel P9000 MAX:

  • I have been reading rave reviews online (some of them turned out to be a lie );
  • A friend also ordered the phone with Ali, though a different brand, and went happy, praised;
  • I also liked the price of the phone;
  • Like a powerful battery which the manufacturer holds a charge for 5 days.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Equipment
  3. Size and weight
  4. Opinion
  5. Video

Where to buy

Chose the model (also there is a nuance prices on the website different from 18000 thousand rubles to 13,000). I of course chose for 13,000 fully loaded, except for the price the phone was no different from those that are more expensive. Taken from the official seller manufacturer Poptel on Aliexpress here.

The seller had free shipping, promised to send within 21 days.

In fact, in the Moscow region city of Podolsk, came in 17 days. The premise was specified sender address is not in Chinese and for some reason the country of origin — Singapore.

The first thing that surprised — the poor quality of packaging, plain plastic zip bag, the phone was in his native unsealed box (picture1), wrapped in one layer bubble film, it was a shock, I previously ordered a UV lamp for nails, so there she was so bundled up that no shakes and fall of her were not afraid, and here is the phone and the attitude was disappointing, scary to imagine how many downs he had to endure on the way to me.


Equipment standard smartphone, probably like all phones, charging, headphones, protective film a nice little cloth to care, warranty card, adaptor so you can give charge to another phone.

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Size and weight

To be honest a little disappointed the dimensions of the smartphone Poptel P9000 Max, he was more voluminous than expected, weighty, be uniquely suitable only for men, for women it is quite heavy.


After three months of operation which can highlight shortcomings which do not suit us personally ( using the phone husband):

  1. Sound. All the reviews praised that the volume is super, in fact even the iPhone 6 louder;
  2. Battery. Charge promised to 5 days, Yes no doubt the battery is reliable, but not five days, for example if you look at this film lasting three hours then at least 30% of the charge gone, my husband is constantly music on YouTube listening to in the car for two hours while driving to and from work. In the end of the phone high enough for two days;
  3. Dimensions. Well, he is too bulky, my one year old baby with one hand, it can not retain, only two. Not in each pocket will fit;
  4. Sometimes the sensor;
  5. Weak camera;

Note of the advantages:

  • Price. Poptel acceptable price to quality ratio;
  • Durable, from a fall from a small height for sure nothing will happen.

Overall pleased with the phone despite the shortcomings, when breaks will also enjoy, but more details look at the description, you may want to take the brand more popular and slightly more expensive. Again, bought on Aliexpress on this official page.