Smartphone LeEco X526

In September I ordered a smartphone LeEco X526. Chose inexpensive, but functional model with good camera and long battery life. On Aliexpress some sellers, where he was in the presence of the phone, choosing from two or three rating shop and an acceptable cost.

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  2. Equipment
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  6. Russification and firmware
  7. Conclusion
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Where to buy

The cost of the phone at the time of purchase – 6164 rubles, now it is a bit more expensive, but I still think that the price for this model is good.

Sent through the day, the track started to be tracked almost immediately. The shipping was normal mail, but Express received the parcel safe and sound after 12 days. Additionally, the seller offers to buy the guarantee for 264 of the ruble for the year, I took. Bought here.

The phone was supposed to be a gift to her husband, so he opened not at once – in a week. Box looks presentable, velvety.


We never bought Chinese phones, so picking a little surprised.

Inside the box is:

  • In fact, the smartphone LeEco X526;
  • Headphone adapter;
  • Adapter for charging with a Chinese plug;
  • An adapter for Euro sockets;
  • The power cord;
  • Clip to extract SIM-card.

Messed they are, of course, with adapters you could just put a normal adapter for Euro sockets.

Also surprised that the phone has no headphone Jack and, in fact, themselves headphones not included. Need to consider if this moment is important. That is, the headphones are connected through the adapter in the same slot as the charger! It seems the trend is now, but it’s still not familiar.

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For fans of bluetoth headphones , this is not important. For example, you can buy popular right now i7s copy Apple, but only at the right price or big men Bluedio Vinyl Plus, they sound at all at the highest level.


Phone X 526 outwardly looks very decent – large screen 5.5 inch, frame is missing, nothing superfluous. The quality of the case is great, it is metal, without any irregularities.

Processor OCTA-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 1.8 GHz. Smart phone, so far no lockups and difficult to use, did not arise.

Just as important factor when choosing a mobile phone – a large amount of memory. At Le Eco X526 RAM 3 GB, and built-in 64 GB (can choose 32GB, it will be cheaper).

Camera 16 MP, the photos are clear, detailed and bright. In a similar price range phones taking pictures of much worse. For example, the same Samsung Grand Prime (worth about 10 thousand rubles), his photo quality is noticeably worse. Front camera is also good photographs, she has 8 MP, the photos are good quality.

Screen resolution 1920×1080 — full HD – also no complaints, only joy. The phone has 2 slots for SIM cards (nano format).

From the additional advantages of the mobile phone LeEco note larger battery capacity — 3000 mAh, also has quick charge function, which greatly facilitates operation.

Smartphone this model Le Eco, in General, enjoy all the features that were stated, it contains, the quality is perfect, a pleasure to use, especially when you recall that she bought it for only 6000 rubles. In traditional stores with these parameters will have to pay a lot more money.

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But not without a spoon of tar…



The seller for this product lot of reviews (more than two), the vast majority are positive, I did a lot of customer opinions, including a few negative, but the negative reviews there were about five, so I closed my eyes to them.

As I said, the phone opened one week after receipt, which the seller accused me that I cheat.

Opened a dispute, which Aliexpress decided in my favor, returned part of the amount (1200 rubles). The fact that the smart is no Russian language in the interface is only English and languages with the characters.

When you purchase I was looking for this information, it was stated that supported Russian, Italian, French, German, and other languages. So, not only Russian there, others too, who claimed only English and a few languages that I can not be identified (handwriting).

Russification and firmware

Interestingly, the smartphone has a Russian keyboard layout determines the location – Russia. But the entire interface is in English. It is very uncomfortable when using. In the workshop refuse to repair, you need to look for a specialist software of mobile phones. But here it should be noted that my husband did a little digging in the Internet forums, I found the latest firmware with Russian language for LeEco X526 and everything was decided in one night.

All message the seller reacted inappropriately – version is international, we have sold over 800 pieces in Russia, you have removed the Russian language.


In General, the Le Eco X526 phone I recommend, the quality is excellent, features are above all praise for Chinese phone, but the seller 2RTRADE Storethat sells phones from 2012, I recommend to avoid. He tries to convince them that marriage is impossible. Better just type in the search on Aliexpress the model name, the first will be given this seller, but you select the second or third in the list.

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Overview and unboxing:

After 10 days of use:


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