Smartphone Huawei Nova 3i

I want to share with you the experience of ordering from AliExpress TMALL.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Shipping
  3. Packaging and warranty
  4. The phone itself
  5. Overall impression
  6. Video

Where to buy

The truth is, I really wanted a new, cheap, but powerful phone. Unfortunately, the cost exceeds 17.000 rubles, which did not suit me. And now, by chance, I came across Huawei Nova 3i with the discount (original price go was 18.990 rubles, and bought for 14.568 rubles). Again, bought on Aliexpress Tmall here.

At first I was hesitant to order because I was afraid that the phone will not come to me.

But when I saw that the goods straight from Russia (warehouse in Moscow), all doubts disappeared and I realized it.


Shipping was super fast, within five days I got a call the courier and said that he was going to give me my smartphone. Happiness knew no bounds, I knew shipping from TMALL will not have to wait long, but I thought expect to have a week, but no!

Packaging and warranty

Packing did not differ. Pleased, I put on the headphones, but they do not cause «Wow» effect, it’s probably a «miracle» fly in the trash. Not forgotten about the warranty (12 months) and the documents to return.

Gifts do not have to put a pity.

The phone itself

Smartphone Huawei Nova 3i came to me in one piece. The only thing I didn’t pick the color I wanted (Black), but that’s my bad. Anyway, the colour of the Nova 3i I have Iris, then I was told that this is the actual color of the season, and I’m a big boy, I chose him.

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While Huawei phone Nova 3 works fine, without lags. The screen display as a separate art form. I’m hromadka, so uploaded to Play Market a lot of games that have not pulled my old device. To understand PlayerUnknown»s Battlegrounds works fine, no crashes.

Front camera is not bad, perfect for selfie, but the front leaves much to be desired.

Overall impression

Overall, I fell in love with the smartphone Huawei Nova 3i and its color (but didn’t want to buy this color). Very pleased that when I reach for my phone, then people pay attention and say, «look How beautiful it is, — or,- I want the same!».

Earphones can be bought separately. For example, the model i7s — wireless similar to Apple iPods, only much cheaper.