Smartphone Huawei Honor 9 Lite black

Bought smartphone Huawei Honor 9 Lite black on Aliexpress. Was a very reasonable price, plus received a discount of $6. I have had positive experience with buying phone from China, but still a little worried. Ordered here on this page.

Sending went to Ukraine by regular mail, a little over a month. And here’s a coveted smartphone in my hands… In my opinion the company Honor came to the creation of this model in good faith, from the packaging to the smartphone.

The contents

  1. Overview
  2. Packaging equipment
  3. Phone
  4. Memory
  5. Display
  6. Call quality, Wi-Fi and scanner
  7. Battery and camera
  8. Conclusion
  9. Video


Packaging equipment

A box in which it is packaged, is made of good cardboard, appearance is nice and sleek (for a gift). Though this smartphone belongs to the class of state employees, but the package I was pleased.

So, along with the smartphone I got:

  • charger;
  • an adapter for Euro sockets;
  • pin installations.
  • protective screen in a rigid frame;
  • and plastic case;
  • plus the instructions are in Chinese (well, where do without them).


The phone itself is quite light, thin, with rounded edges and a glossy back, very pleasant to the touch, but the hand does not slip. BLACK in the name — means «Black»! In form and size approached me perfectly.

However on the back there are traces of touch owner, but this problem is quickly solved with a swipe, and if you put a case, then disappears. Housing smartphone is made qualitatively without any gaps and backlash.

Appearance is very stylish, elegant and looks expensive, in General, is not ashamed to get it out of her purse…

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The power button and volume, are very convenient, do not accidentally hit. For me this is a big plus. In General appearance I was satisfied.


My smartphone has 32 GB of internal memory. Increase it by using a microSD card up to 256 GB. But the disadvantages of a smartphone, I would mention the lack of a separate slot for it, although if you are using one SIM card, the existing connector for SIM cards and memory cards will be enough.


The screen of my smartphone frameless 5.65″, buttons on the front panel no, that just is a little confusing, but get used to it. The color I liked. The screen is bright, the picture contrast looks lush and beautiful.

Tactile qualities and a good touch smartphone responds immediately, sat NAV flies, apps open quickly, games do not brake. To speed I have no complaints. True, some app on the smart phone had set itself, but it’s not a problem for me and even is a plus, as I decide what I need and what is not.

Call quality, Wi-Fi and scanner

After installation SIM-cards, made some calls, and reception of the phone pleased, satisfied. The sound is good, no rattles and extraneous noises, the volume is enough. Headphones connect not tried as don’t like to listen to music on the go and in transport.

By the way, after some simple settings, the call sound can be disabled by simply flipping down the mobile screen and that for me is very fat plus, as I always forget to put on silent.

Wi-fi was configured without problems at home using the home Internet. Bluetoth easily and easy to use with headphones i7s copy Apple.

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Sensor fingerprint sensitive, works quickly and accurately, the setup is not complicated and no problems. By the way, with its help you can browse photos and videos from the gallery.

Battery and camera

The battery is not removable and in my opinion, it is also a minus. Under heavy use the phone (Internet, games, watching videos), the charge lasts one day, but the battery is charging pretty fast. And if you use smartphone only for making calls, the battery holds about 2-3 days like many androids.

Now about the cameras. They have this model 4. Two main on 13 MP + 2 MP and the front two the same basic. After a few shots, I realized that in good light you can get photo of pretty decent quality. From pluses I can note that the camera focuses quickly, small lettering and details are clearly visible, the background blur with bokeh, not perfect, but pretty good. But by the second camera, you can achieve the bokeh effect on the already captured photo. Video is shot in Full HD.


In conclusion I can say that the smartphone I liked and met all my expectations. Again, ordered on Aliexpress here at this seller on this page.