Smartphone ASUS Zenfone ZC520TL — where to buy, specifications, and review from a real owner

In July of last year was announced the release of the smartphone ASUS ZC520TL. After its appearance on the shelves of Russian retailers, the price was not adequate. But, as always, came to the rescue of aliexpress. The price at the time of purchase 8990, in 12990 rubles. In this article you will learn about this smartphone and its features, a link to the product at the bottom.

The contents

  1. Case and battery
  2. Display
  3. Camera
  4. Technical stuffing
  5. Interface
  6. Other characteristics
  7. Opinion
  8. Where to buy

Case and battery

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The first thing that impresses in the above-mentioned device is a powerful battery and a full metal body. Battery rechargeable lithium polymer that ensures its long term charge. Capacity 4130 mAh, non-removable. This indicator is very good in today’s smartphone market.

At high load (always-on wi-fi, 3G Internet, 4-5 hours of video per day 8 hours a day surfing the Internet, 2-3 hours of calls) the phone can easily hold 2 full days. If you use to a minimum (2-3 hours of calls, couple hours of Internet), the device lives up to 4 days.

Metal body feels great in the hand, felt the weight of the phone. At the same time it weighs 148 grams. With the capacious battery, the body remained slim at just 8.6 mm.

Plug for headphones on the top right, on the right side volume rocker and lock button. Bottom — micro usb connector for charging. On the rear panel of the camera, finger scanner, flash and microphone to decrease noise.


The size of the display of 5.2 inches. Supports 16.7 million colors. Enough for comfortable surfing, reading books and toys. Applied oleophobic coating, which should hide fingerprints. Difference on smartphones with such a coating and without it has not been noticed, maybe it’s just a clever marketing ploy.

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Convenient adjustment of brightness. Configured both manually and automatically. A pleasant picture provides HD resolution – 1280×720. The colours look natural. The sun with increased brightness of discomfort in the use of no. About six months of operation of the scratch on the display appeared. Worn the phone in my jacket pocket without a protective glass and films.


The device has two cameras — 5 megapixel front and the main 13 megapixel. Back of phone has led flash, which can be used as a flashlight. The camera is equipped with autofocus, almost always work correctly.

For the price the camera does not have high hopes. In cloudy weather and in low light the pictures are mediocre. In good light the photo quality is always excellent. Newspaper text shoots flawlessly, photos readable without eye strain.

There is a special mode super – resolution HDR. In this mode, images are more vivid and clear. Front camera only takes photos in the standard camera app. In order to shoot video and the front camera will have to download a third party app. In the native camera app pre-installed various shooting modes, filters. There is the possibility of fine-tuning.

Technical stuffing

Works on 4-core CPU MediaTek MT6737T with accelerator Mali T720. RAM 2 gigabytes, built-16. The operating system takes about 6 GB.

In simple words, CPU and RAM is enough for most «heavy» games from the last issue. With the other toys copes beautifully. When watching videos and the usual work in the phone slowdown is not seen. When buying it was Android 6, later it was updated to Android 7. On the manufacturer’s website there is information that this device planned upgrade to 8.

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On all smartphones Asus is proprietary shell ZenUI. It has a huge amount of customization options for themselves. Works flawlessly and brakes. The manufacturer is constantly reviewed and new subjects appear on the interface.

Other characteristics

Not without a scanner for fingerprint. Works in 5 cases out of 10. For navigation there is GPS and GLONASS. The satellites are looking for quickly, works flawlessly. Standard SIM card – nano. In the tray or you can put two SIM cards (nano and micro) or one SIM and memory card.

Maximum memory card capacity – 32 GB. Cellular network with support for 4G, but only on first SIM card. The NFC module is absent. Of communication there is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Included with the device is the OTG cable allows you to charge other gadgets or connect a mouse and a regular USB stick. In emergency situations it helps.

Music in headphones on a solid three. The external speaker is not very loud. Internal speaker no sound, and the microphone transmit high quality voice conversation. There is no hiss, echo, and other defects. There is a built-in microphone to absorb extraneous noises during a call and record the video. There are light sensor, proximity, acceleration, and compass. All tested and working correctly.


In a compact box with the phone is:

  • the key to open the tray SIM;
  • OTG cable;
  • the charger in the form of a plug and a USB cable.


The results of the use of the phone within six months, it is possible to make certain conclusions. Positive, very broad functionality. The smartphone copes with all conferred by the task – Navigator, compass, media device. For the price of 9000 rubles phone is technically much ahead of Samsung, which are much more expensive. The time of delivery by Russian post from China to Yaroslavl amounted to two and a half weeks.

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Where to buy

I bought it on Aliexpress here here. But if the seller has already removed the goods from sale, you can use search on the portal Ali. Be sure to look below the title of the item was labelled «Original», as if the particular seller sells fakes, he will never write that word in the title is against the rules of the site and was quickly banned.