Smartphone ASUS Zenfone — almost all satisfied!

One of my best acquisitions on Aliexpress over the past year, Smartphone ASUS Zenfone. We have been with him for almost a year and I’m still happy from it. Bought on Aliexpress here on this page.


Battery gold, fire, tale! 5000 mAh. and it’s true. I took it on a trip to the sea, long drive in the bus. So he had 24 hours of use (watching 12 episodes of the series, a movie and audio player) sat on 50%. After, in the country worked all summer with a Bang, as the router to deliver WI-FI. Yes, heated, but this is all my smartphone at hand.

Of course it’s Chinese – not the original, although the site wrote back. Idea stuffed with sea. Took standard, saw no reason to overpay for headphones and SD card.

As a gift the seller put a plastic glass, not from my model, latex cover (come) and an adapter for charging to RF (curve). Delivered in about a month. Packing on the conscience. High quality, rigid box and plastic protection (Mat).


Now the insides…

8-core. OS of 7.0. Russian was established at once. RAM is 3 GB. After my downloaded installations, still 1.4 Gigs free.

64 G of RAM and load a lot. One speaker at the bottom, the other holes for symmetry. The sound is loud, you have to subtract and it’s great after the previous phone.

Camera: front 8 MP, rear 13 MP. Pictures and video great. Was her own grandson’s wedding, it’s not worse than a professional operator. The screen is not at all the brightness turn on and everything is fine. Colors juicy. Resolution 1280*720. Checked everything on AIDA64 and other programs, everything fits.

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Weight — 185 grams, but the battery is built in, not removable. That’s a minus for me Took for 161 dollar and after paying realized that not clicked on the cashback EPN. NAPAs were the seller, I asked for a discount but he refused. And a wonderful smartphone. Not buggy and does not restart itself. I like it.

Once again, took on Aliexpress here.