Smart watches GT08 watch can receive calls

Saw a year ago on the hand of a friend a strange thing — turned out to be smart watch. Not previously emphasized the newfangled pieces. After reviewing the features hours want to buy such a device.

Assistance was indispensable AliExpress. Chose smart watch of low price category — for the sample. Name Uwatch model GT08. But they are still available under other brands of the same model, I took here on this page on Aliexpress.

The cost at the time of purchase was 8$. The delivery took a month. Watch received, tested, tested — it’s time to share your impressions.

To expect from for 8 hours.e. high functionality unfair. Important criteria in the selection of smart watches is the ability to receive calls, place calls, get notifications about messages, respectively synchronize with a smartphone.

The contents

  1. The functionality and usability of the gadget
  2. Display
  3. Receiving calls
  4. SMS and messages apps
  5. Pedometer and sleep monitoring
  6. Phone lookup
  7. Phone loss
  8. Camera
  9. Remote shooting
  10. The device
  11. Drive
  12. General information
  13. Conclusion

The functionality and usability of the gadget

Detail about the functions:


The sensor is quite responsive. Quickly responds to a light touch. Screen bulky, sloppy. Display brightness is adjustable in a limited range.

Receiving calls

During an incoming call, the watch beeps, vibration — depending on the mode enabled. Clock display shows the name of the contact displays the buttons accept/reject the call.

It is necessary to consider vibration on the watch GT08 loud enough. The meeting will definitely attract the attention of others, who is right next to or if they are shot and lie on a solid table.

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Have a chat directly on the clock. The quality of the connection, in this case, quite low, but to understand the meaning of the conversation can be.

SMS and messages apps

Message alerts would be better. It is impossible to see the contents. Gives only the name of the application and the number of messages. Just see what came SMS-ka or a message from such and such a person in Facebook, Vkontakte, Skype, etc.

Pedometer and sleep monitoring

The pedometer counts the steps in a static position. Twenty steps in 30 seconds. In movement, nothing changes, indicators standard. Control mode sleep not even checked — had the pedometer.

Phone lookup

The most useful feature in my opinion is a smart «GT08». Left the phone in an unknown place — sent the incoming call from the smart watch, a minute had been missing. Working in reverse order — search hours.

Phone loss

It is not connected with the preceding paragraph. This is a warning about loss of connection with the phone. The distance between the devices more than 10 meters. Triggered when you exit to another room. Helps not to forget the smartphone, very useful for the forgetful too.


Front — has the conversation on video. The camera shows the silhouette of the speaker. Don’t even know about the resolution, sure of one thing — very low.

Remote shooting

Works through Bluetooth. Pointing the focus on the camera of a smartphone to easily take pictures by pressing the button on the clock. Complaints about this feature yet.

The device

Interesting choice of words, implying the use of smart watches as a separate device. Is achieved thanks to the slot for the SIM card. In this mode, using the watch is extremely inconvenient. Write a message almost impossible, the communication quality is also not so hot. Only as a second phone will fit and maybe not for everyone.

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There is a slot for the drive (flash card), providing the opportunity to download their favorite movies, music. The implementation of functions in practice, I cannot imagine. Not enough nerves to watch a movie for hours.

Maybe just for storing additional data and, if necessary, to transfer files from the card to your phone through a wireless connection? Quite reasonable, but I don’t need enough memory in the smartphone.

General information

  • Charge the battery lasts for 1.5 days.
  • The watch case is made of metal.
  • Has three of the same variant of dial.
  • The program BTNotification downloaded from Google Play. BTN only allows you to drive hours GT08.


Smart Watches GT08 not give a chance to experience the full power of using smart gadgets. Budget option for young children wishing to obtain a toy watch or just for poor students.

Many defects, poorly performing applications, programs not working correctly. In my opinion, is much better when the device work perfectly for several features than two dozen disabled.

My humble requests watch GT08 partially upheld. Use regularly turning a blind eye to the shortcomings. I dream of a good smartwatch-high price category with broad functionality, but until my finances are a mess and I use not very intelligent «smart» GT08. But it’s better than nothing!

Once again, I bought data smart watch on Aliexpress here. The seller has several thousand sales. Also there are different colors and straps.