Smart watch Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

Decided to buy a watch from the notorious brand Xiaomi model Amazfit Bip, have long received, that’s about it, and will this review with my final conclusion-review.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Pros
  3. Cons
  4. Opinion
  5. Summary
  6. Video

Where to buy

Ordered from this seller is the official representative of the brand Saami on Aliexpress. It is always better to take the official, because only they can buy always 100% original, besides, they have warehouses in various countries, in particular in Moscow. And warranty is local.

Took for $ 65, shipping to Pskov for about three weeks.

Choose a clock for a long time, like a lot, but the money at that time was running out, because the choice fell on the model Amazfit Bip.


I watched a lot of reviews on it, like in hours:

  • The maximum degree of protection IP68 (water drop — not gonna die if only about half an hour);
  • Protection from scratches on the screen, for four months and did not see any;
  • Reflex screen, thanks to which the watch can hold a charge for about a month, I only charge once and forget it for a long time;
  • The presence of the module GPS, which allows you to train without a phone: a watch store and then when connecting sinhroniziruete progress;
  • Low price: with such characteristics it is difficult to find a similar model, not even on the market in China Ali.


And cons hours Xiaomi I also eventually brought, of which:

  • The presence of a heart rate monitor, which leaves much to be desired (but even in the most expensive smart watches you don’t see quality pulse meter with a laser, this technology is too complex);
  • Washable strap over time
  • Chafing of the skin from the strap, she’s not breathing at all ( but there is a solution: the same Aliexpress there are hundreds of variations of straps).
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Use watch is pretty long, about 4 months: I want to mention the quality of the work as a GPS module, and other interfaces: alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, weather, notifications wirelessly with your phone activity in the form of Jogging or walking.

Accompanies the clock app Mifit, through which the device Amazfit Bip and receives notifications and updates over the air.

Also thanks to the application can be flexibly configured as interfaces hours and dials: in addition to several already built-in if you wish, you can externally load a couple of designs and enjoy at your leisure (If you have programming experience, you have the opportunity to design for themselves).

Pleased with such a function in hours, how to find phone — on your smartphone is sent to the ringtone so you can hear and identify the location of the phone.

Touch controls, it has one mechanical button — its purpose it is also customary to configure as you wish: a single press — release, extended — enable any functionality.


To summarize I want to say that shopping at Ali satisfied: for the low price of 65 bucks, I got the long-running watch with many popular smart features, and let are of the opinion that the same fitness bracelet Mi Band 2 is dominated by lower price, I will tell only about the display and its diagonal: mi band, you will not read the text comfortably, you will only see the icon of the application from which the message came. Or the same smart Colmi are several times cheaper, but it’s a disappointment and how long they will last.

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So that you can take and need. Once again, only buy on the official page of the brand Xiaomi on Aliexpress, here’s the link to it. A guarantee of a hundred percent originality, fast delivery from nearest warehouse and local warranty card.