Smart TV set-top box SCISHION V88 plus 4K

Decided to make your ordinary LCD TV Samsung, what is hanging on the wall is already 5 years old, smart-TV with a special console.

My choice fell on SCISHION V88, something with the prefix «plus» at the end and 4K. What about «plus» don’t know, and 4K means that it supports ULTRA HD, it is a pity my TV shows max 1920*1080, that is the usual full HD.

Took on Aliexpress from The seller The Toprated Store here. At it, because at that time he had the best ratio the price/reviews. The console cost about$ 35, now even cheaper.

Came surprisingly quickly at the local post office, about 2 weeks, pleased.

The contents

  • Unpacking and contents
  • The inclusion of
  • Features
  • To use
  • Video
  • Unpacking and contents

    Well, the box here I will not show the usual cardboard with the brand name SCISHION top, slightly bigger than a DVD disk. Included were:

    • The device itself is additional waterproof wrapper;
    • HDMI cable;
    • Power supply the standard 12 Volts, 2 amperes;
    • The remote is quite a common appearance with rubber buttons. Without batteries inside.

    Interestingly, I don’t know personally, I was lucky, or so everyone send, but I have it apart in the package was a memory card of 16 GB. Obviously not the manufacturer puts in the package, and the seller, because it was in a separate packaging ADATA. A trifle, but nice.

    The inclusion of

    First turn on the TV I was somewhat puzzled. She worked for one of the Top 8 was loaded normally but later would come a great stupefaction. All inhibited. Only later I realized that she was pulling the update to your firmware and after 20 minutes asked to reboot to install the update Android. After an overload all began to fly.

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    Internal characteristics are about average at the moment, here they are:

    • CPU Quad core Rockchip 3229 with a core frequency of 1.2 GHz;
    • RAM 2 GB DDR3 and 16 GB of internal. Then sent the USB flash drive SD very useful;
    • Mode support video ULTRA HD 2160 to 4096 points up to 4K at 60 frames per second and 3D. It’s VERY GOOD!;
    • Eats very necessary today codecs of H264 and H265.
    • WiFI, Bluetoth, RJ45, 4 USB;
    • ANDROID OS 8.

    As you can see, nothing particularly outstanding, but sufficient for all the needs. If you want to «pull» the most modern games on maximum power, it is better to look towards Eachlink H6 or Beelink GT1 Ultimate.

    To use

    Pleased with the effect of infrared remote control, which «pulls» the receiver even if the digital receiver behind the TV or turn the front side against the wall. Apparently, the power of the led is good.

    Input for external IR sensor SPDIF is, but why is it in this case I do not understand. However, it included all the same was not and would need to buy Ali separately if desired.

    HDMI cable bundled quite short — 30 cm , if it is far away from the TV, stock up on cable a bit longer.

    I have it hooked up to the network via Wi-Fi, but there are conventional network connector for the wire. Speed Speedtest shows about 50 MB / sec. Consider just a great figure!

    Still, rummaged in a network on the forums, I realized that it is better not to reflash, which for me is also a huge plus.

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    Very convenient to YouTube to search for a phrase, but be warned: the built-in microphone in it, so you can either buy aeromist with microphone or connect an external microphone. I have used the second option, buying a foreign car only for$ 2 in China.

    About aeromist. I immediately with it from the same seller ordered the mouse — wireless keyboard with Russian letters, you can see a separate review for it here. And as it turned out, it was the most wise my decision)) But the original remote is not so bad.

    The standard remote has everything you need, plus it even has a mouse mode. Simply click on the button and appears the mouse cursor, which is convenient to operate, old PC users to check out. Press again the same button and return to standard mode control for TV Boxes.


    Overall, very happy with the purchase SCISHION V88 and would recommend! TV has changed for the better, has become a favorite toy of his wife and child! Again, bought on Aliexpress on this page. All the rest can watch in the video below, it’s in three parts.


    On the first day. Overview.

    The second day, a detailed examination and setting:

    Day three. Demonstration of all the possibilities