Smart trash Xiaomi T1

When I began to study the device Xiaomi T1, I realized: the future is now! In the end, ordered on Aliexpress on this page, and now you can leave your own review.

So, what can the trash from the well-known and beloved by many firms Xiaomi :

  • To unfold inside a new package with charge air;
  • At the same time with the preceding paragraph to ventilate and dry the inner part;
  • Used to seal the trash bag inside and inform about the need to take it to the trash;
  • To open and close the lid automatically as you approach it the something;
  • Seal the package task.

In addition, the bottom includes a tray for liquids if such suddenly will flow out of the debris. Also, the manufacturer Xiaomi reports that:

Container smart device does not transmit odors and keeps them inside. There is a built-in led light for convenience.

T1 comes in two colors: white and black. I chose white, because it’s Xiaomi, plus the white color in my understanding, represents purity in the house.

The contents

  • Battery and power
  • Replacement cartridges
  • The principle of operation
  • Opinion
  • Video
  • Battery and power

    Like any smart device, the trash from Xiaomi need food. To do this, there is an internal built-in 2000mAh battery and the unit is both a charger. A single charge should last at least 45 days, which is convenient, because do not need to carry a separate power outlet.

    The approximate lifespan of the lithium-ion battery, Xiaomi (Saami) — 3-4 years, then you need to change it or just much more often to charge it.

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    Replacement cartridges

    Each cassette is overlaid on the top and has a 30 bags. Thus, it will be enough for a month at the rate of one bag per day.

    Capacity is 15 quarts, and the price varies between 15-30$ depending on the seller on Aliexpress and count in one order. As always, the more you order the cheaper each separately. Maximum savings can be achieved by ordering once a year or more.

    The principle of operation

    Xiaomi Mijia T1 Townew Smart Smart Trash Bin works very simply:

    The cassette is inserted from the top, if necessary, after removing the previous one. This is done in just a few seconds.

    After closing the top cover, the device automatically recognizes the cartridge, blow inside area and will deploy a new garbage bag, neatly Rastislav his sides and corners.

    When hold hand front cover will open automatically, after dropping it, she pressed tightly back and waiting for the next time.

    When will be full, smart bucket it will seal and opening the lid will tell that it is time to pick up. You will only have to remove the bag «with a gift», after which the device closes, air and decompress from the cassette once.

    If meant to be an overflow, and in this case, Xiaomi will not be idle, but will go especially tricky — see the video below.


    Generally, the order on the Aliexpress very happy! Smart bucket turned out to be a very interesting addition to my quite a stupid house!

    Especially like it for my guests and how long is their interest. Extremely useful from the point of view of hygiene and to avoid odors in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

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    I don’t know why the manufacturer has not provided and has not included a deodorizer inside the auto. I must have left it on the next version of the tapes .

    I think it would be useful for cafes, restaurants, hotels and other public places. For the office of the chief, finally!

    Again, take T1 in China on Ali here.

    PS by the Way, it connects to the control of your smart home, if you have such available.