Smart tooth brush Seago SG 507

I bought on Aliexpress electric with smart chip a tooth brush Seago SG 507 Sonic Wave, otbelivala for 16, and 96$. Bought here on this page Ali.

Brush came to me black, as I ordered.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Convenience when brushing your teeth
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video


The build quality and performance at a high level. The seller order was sent on the day of payment. The order was sent 24.02.201, he arrived in Voronezh 12.03.2019 by mail of Russia.

All carefully Packed, every detail is separately packaged in a bag and inside the bag an air cushion to preserve the goods.

Came fully charging, pleasant to the touch body and non-slip in hand.

To use the first time was a test of strength. If the brain vibrates along with the brush, gum and hand, but over time the discomfort less. In any case, know what to buy and was ready for such sensations.

Two weeks have passed how to use it. The kit includes 2 mounts and a USB cable for charging the battery.

The brush Seago SG 507 head is quite small in size, much smaller than the everyday toothbrush.

Included is a clear cover protecting the toothbrush from we don’t need dirt and dust.

Convenience when brushing your teeth

The vibration is very strong, so that the cleaning is amazing.

It not only cleans but also massages the gums. Daily care of my teeth has improved. Was the feeling of purity and the absence of any plaque, teeth are much whiter fresh.

Choose from 5 cleaning modes, the most active «polishing».

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There is a timer on Seago, every 30 seconds, stop for a second. (warning for the transition to the next section of teeth) For 2 weeks never charged, just today flashed the light on the charger, but still continue to work all 5 modes.

The brush SG 507 is very easy, liked the quality of the plastic.

NOTE: the rubber bands on the nozzles are removed and they can be interchanged, for example black on white to brush was different is a big plus for those who have a big family.

As a gift the seller sent me a keychain. I want to say a special thank you to the seller in this shop, excellent product quality, excellent service, very responsive seller, everything is done at the highest level.


Not a bit sorry, I hope Seago SG 507 will live long. In the future I plan to order the same only white, as a gift to a friend. Here is the link to it on Aliexpress.

And remember: only brush the teeth brush is not enough! At least once a month «pass» across the oral cavity irrigator special and spend the whitening essence, for example essence Lanbena.