Smart scales, Xiaomi Mi — overview and manual


Click for uvelichennaya Xiaomi has provided a convenient and inexpensive gadget with attractive design, which will be a great boon for athletes and for people who want to control their body mass.

Xiaomi, Mi smart scale help reasonably, wisely and without any hassle to approach the question of an increase or decrease in weight. The device is designed to closely monitor the weight of the user and synchronize the stored information in the Mi Fit app. Scale Mi Scale was ordered in Aliexpress via this link, get to Moscow in 10 days, delivered by courier service SPSR.

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  • Package content

    Libra Packed in a conventional box of square shape, made of durable cardboard. The design, appearance and layout are completely consistent with packaging other gadgets of the brand Xiaomi and reminiscent of Apple equipment. On the body there are no superfluous elements, artsy inserts, bright branded label, protruding parts and other things. On the front face is only visible neatly decorated with a silver Mi logo, which indicates that the scales are the product of Xiaomi.
    Inside the carton box scales of white color look simple and beautiful. Glossy upper surface is covered with tempered glass, which gives the weights of the weight, the device weighs about 2 lbs. lower part, and the entire case of the device is made of matte white plastic of the highest quality.

    The display is located in the upper area of the logo, in the inactive state it is not visible. The entire structure is based on 4 movable legs.

    Provided instruction in Chinese language and a set of AA batteries in the amount of four pieces. The batteries are separate. This is done to the batteries failed prematurely.

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    Smart scales, Xiaomi Mi smart scale work with Android devices (version 4.0 and above), suitable for iPhone, models starting with the 4s to the new versions, with iOS 7 and above.

    Instructions for use

    By Mi Fit app, you can perform various actions with weights. Above the battery is a toggle switch with three positions responsible for measures of weight. With this toggle switch to change the unit of measurement of weight:

    • the right position — pounds
    • Central — lb
    • left — czyni

    Do not forget to put the switch in the extreme right position.

    To use scales, you must place the batteries in a specially designated compartment. After this, the gadget is automatically activated, flashing animation is the greeting «Hello».

    In principle, the smart bathroom scales are in working condition and is ready for measurements. You need to place them on level ground, stand exactly in the middle and stand for a few seconds. Under glass are 161 white LEDs. Xiaomi Scale will show the measured weight on the display is located slightly above the Mi logo.

    As the weight is displayed with LED indicator with white LEDs, so you can weigh in, even at night, hiding from the relatives stand on the device and see your weight in absolute darkness. The data can also be seen on the display of your smartphone or tablet.

    Measurement accuracy

    Measurements recorded starting from 5kg, the maximum weight of the measured 150 kg As specified in the description of the scales Mi Smart Scale, the device accurately determines the weight and gives the lowest errors in subsequent measurements:

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    • when weighing up to 50 kg the deviation is up to 100 grams in weight from 50 to 150 kg — up to 200 grams. In fact, the error at the re-weighings varies from 200 to 300 grams. Experiments with weighting was put on different items, and indications were compared
      with a classic electronic scales;
    • And weight 50-120 kg, the stated deviation is 80 grams.

    Sync and Mi Fit

    Scales can be synchronized at a distance up to 10 meters, they work even through a brick wall.

    The Mi Fit app to work with the gadget

    Smart scales are synchronized with the Mi Fit app, which is available in the App Store or Google Play. Insert the batteries and download the Mi Fit app for your smartphone. For owners of iOS can cause some problems, but for Android users it is recommended to download from Google Play, no Chinese-English app, and a special version in Russian.

    The initial synchronization with weights, the smartphone will prompt you to enter your age, height and, surprisingly, weight! The connection process is quite simple, just start the app, turning on Bluetooth (version 4.0 and above) on the smartphone and stand on the scales. The program will find the device and, if necessary, update the firmware.

    After completion of the synchronization process scales and the application data is immediately displayed on the smartphone. You can see not only your weight but also vary between different weight measurements, chart of changes of weight and BMI value (BMI) — body mass index. After the next weigh-in information is updated and the program provides a detailed report in the form of visual graphics.

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    In the program of the Mi Fit , you can add different profiles for other family members or friends. At initial weigh-in somebody else, the result is automatically recorded and attached to specific profile, based on the weight and the BMI value. You can easily switch between profiles and view all of the information about the weightings.

    Based on the entered values of age and height, the application can determine the appropriate weight allowance. In profile settings you can define the required body weight you need to achieve your goal. On each subsequent weigh-ins will be shown how much you need to lose or gain to a predetermined value. Firmware Mi Fit and scale to support many profiles that are involved with the same or different smartphones. This gives you the ability to monitor statistics from your profile.



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    Smart scales, Xiaomi Mi is cope with these requirements. The design of the gadget is quite nice, was interesting, intelligent and convenient scales. The Mi Fit app shows basic information about the weight and allows you to store these statistics, as well as information on BMI relatives and friends.

    Xiaomi mi smart can serve as a functional and useful gift that gives the ability to control their health status through weight, and not only in the moment, but also changes history. This is very important information, because health is a global lifestyle factors and monitor them is very important!