Smart bracelet Greentiger Y5, Y5 he AMYNIKEER

Ordered a fitness bracelet Greentiger Y5 here on Aliexpress here in red March 11, 2019 for $9.25. Parcel arrived quickly enough.

March 20 gave them to his wife, who was satisfied. The parcel was sent by eParcel service SF and delivered to Ukraine for the nine days on the Department of New Mail. When the bracelet was on the border, it’s the message that was offered to choose the Department for delivery.

Sealed was pretty good. In a few skeins of pupyrchatoy film and the inflated package. That helped to drive without damage.

The contents

  1. Variations
  2. The quality in the work
  3. Screen
  4. Bluetoth
  5. Functionality
  6. Battery
  7. Fitness
  8. Conclusion
  9. Video


I bought fitness bracelet Greentiger Y5 has many common names. These are:

  • Smartix Y5;
  • Goral Y5;
  • Tonbux Y5;
  • GRGK Y5;
  • Folem Y5.

But the most common name, which can be seen on video reviews on YouTube — AMYNIKEER Y5.

What is the difference between them, I did not understand. But I can say that they all have the same function, appearance, material quality and grade. As well as removable straps suitable for each of them.

By his own studies, I came to the conclusion that a fitness bracelet does not have a particular company and its name Y5. All consoles before the model depend on the store on Alliexpress in which they are purchased.

The quality in the work


The color display here is quite good quality. Perfectly responds to pressing. At the bottom is a button that will allow you to control the output of the selected section, or at the leading menu. As well as prolonged retention you can change the desktop Wallpaper.

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With the phone paired quickly. Just turn on VT on your phone and download the desired device. Only during connection fitness bracelet is displayed as Y9. But, work is not affected.


Its main functions are:

  • measurement of pressure;
  • the saturation of blood with oxygen;
  • the heart rate sensor;
  • display of incoming calls and SMS;
  • the sensor;
  • warning of the messengers;
  • the number of steps and mileage in a variety of modes — running, riding and so on.

But there are some nuances…

As regards measuring the pressure, it’s only for show, because it shows not exactly, and even on inanimate objects.

The richness of the blood, he naturally will not show.

As for heart rate, then here is definitely a plus. Because the measurement takes place in real time, than can not boast of the famous Xiaomi Band 3.

During incoming calls and messages has a nice vibro call. The text is good and readable.


Given that the developer claims 7 days battery life, sleep can be monitored. But in fact, the battery lasts for a day and a half. It is not possible to fully evaluate this functionality.


Steps and mileage considers plausible. In parallel with Honor Band 4 there is a small difference of 100-150 steps. During the drive mode is also not all bad.

But there is a small minus. Although not as negative, as an inconvenience — the lack of bracelet Russian language in menu. But this does not apply to incoming calls, alerts and messages.

But it’s all completely compensates for Russian-language app which you can download by scanning the QR code on the box. There are many different features that will allow you to optimally adjust the wristband to suit the individual.

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A very handy charging device. It requires no extra laces. Enough to pull the watch from the bracelet and plug in the unit.

Good moisture protection. I don’t know if they swim under water, but the fact that they are not afraid, that’s for sure.

The exterior style of interchangeable straps is not as diverse as in Mi Honor band 3 and band 3. You can only order silicone different colors.


Overall, for this price happy with the purchase. And given the fact that I had a coupon from AlliExpress, they turned out almost nothing.

And I see no reason to buy branded bracelets, which perform all the same functions as Greentiger Y5, but have a cost 5 to 8 times higher. Once again, took on Aliexpress here on this page. This is the official homepage for Ali.