Sleeping bag Naturehike

Bought sleeping bag brand Naturehike for 5000 RUB (just got a discount). Got a sleeping bag in Sevastopol for a week and a half somewhere, with home delivery ordered. Buying is not cheap, so decided to order with a delivery fee (to be safe) and not wait for eternity!

Tested by us firm Naturehike, I ordered from them this triple tent (very happy). Took on Aliexpress here on this page.

The contents

  1. Quality and size
  2. About the comfort and how easy to use
  3. Equipment
  4. More information about it
  5. Plaid and two-in-one
  6. Conclusion
  7. Video

Quality and size

Cool double sleeping bag (sleeping bag) 145cm*215cm (the sizes correspond to those specified in the product description on the page of the seller). Weighs 2.4 kg (if you remove the 2 inflatable pillows and pump will be less). Dimensions folded in the bag – 41cm*28cm. If the pull buckle on the bag can compress down to 28cm*28cm. Tested!

On the page the seller has three colors: chocolate with orange, blue with light green and dark green with yellow.

All high quality stitched, no loose threads.

About the comfort and how easy to use

Only used it in the summer, but at night the temperature reaches up to +13 and high humidity. The sleeping bag was very warm surprisingly, even hot).

Written on the tag that you feel comfortable in it at a temperature of from 8 to 12 degrees. As written on the label – recommended for spring and autumn. So for cool nights in the mountains of Crimea or lakes is a great option.

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At zero degrees will be cool. Take for Hiking only in the Crimea, there is usually warm even in winter. Well, to go camping with the kids in sub-zero temperatures we were not going to.

The sleeping bag is really very light and soft to the touch (inside the cotton, as it is written). Came in a branded bag Naturehike, compression. Uticaj it can reduce and easy to fit in a travel backpack, or attach it to the straps of a backpack.

I think it is comfortable and soft to sleep even just for Carimate around the campfire.


The set includes two inflatable pillows and a small hand pump, the pillow is inserted into a special niche, to not go around sleeping bag.

Not the most comfortable pillow, but better than without them or sleep on the backpacks (or whatever came under his hand, if not taken with a separate cushion). I think if you take a sleeping bag trekking when every gram counts – very convenient. Or you can just not take pillows and a pump.

Outdoor Naturehike sleeping bag color dark blue inside bright light green. See all the detail, speck of dust, insects))) is smooth outside fabric, inside is soft to the touch.

More information about it

Gave a sleeping bag to friends to use, they were caught in a severe storm, the tent got wet, the whole sleeping bag was wet in the mud. Honestly, I thought I would have to throw it away (that the dirt is not removed, the filler will bunch up in clumps).

But it is effortlessly washed off in the bathroom, no stain, synthetic padding as well distributed evenly throughout the bag, no holes).

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Dry and good as new! I think would fit even in the washing machine and when washing delicate it can be safely washed at least after every outing.

Naturehike sleeping bag consists of two parts, fastened with a zipper. Can be used as 2 separate blanket. Very warm to sleep under them, and so (so as not to drag home a bunch of heavy blankets and quilts).

You can undo only one side or only at the bottom (if you want to stick his foot under the blankets when it’s hot). The top end of the zipper, there is Velcro for fixation (that night is not undone).

Plaid and two-in-one

In a zipped sleeping bag to sleep a bit uncomfortable due to the smooth surface glides through the tent. Because often use 2 light plaid – most of my smaller ones for me and the kids.

Also these two parts can be closed and you’ll get two separate sleeping bag – longer and shorter. The future in tent children plan to buy one sleeping bag or two warm blankets, or everyone will climb into your sleeping bag.


Great product for the money, very pleased with the quality. Experienced any weather, easy to carry, easy (I used to carry a few heavy warm blankets and blankets now cost the same sleeping bag for the whole family – two adults and two small children). Never regretted that took it.

Once again, what took him here on Aliexpress. Still I can recommend a huge travel bag-backpack ZIRANYU and camping titanium Ti mug Artisan.

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