Skmei Watch Smart Watch

As a sports watch for men chose the item brand Skmei model Smart Watch at this link on the website AliExpress. At the time of my purchase, it was 1221 ruble.

AliExpress shipping standard Shipping for me was free and took 15 days. The package I received in the nearest post office indicated to me when ordering.

The contents

  1. Appearance
  2. Strap and water resistance
  3. In the work
  4. My review
  5. Video


The seller offers to choose from three colors: solid black, gold with red or gold with brown. This color fringing display, internal and external.

The color of the display and strap all variants black. My watch is completely black.

The watch is quite large and weigh about 60 grams. More suitable for men than woman, but they are positioned as unisex.

Watch style Skmei Watch sports. Case diameter is 49 mm, thickness 15 mm case Material – plastic.

Strap and water resistance

Bracelet watch is made of silicone, and the clasp is made of steel. Band width is 24 mm, the maximum length is 24 cm, the minimum length – 14 cm the Watch can be worn in water (pool or shower), they are waterproof.

The stated degree of water resistance 5 Bar, they can dive to depths up to 50 m. the Only necessary condition is to exclude the pressing of any buttons under water.

In the work

Watch consume little energy and do not require a charge. They work from batteries. I have had to change the battery and it cost me quite expensive – 300 rubles.

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Watches created for sports. They consider the number of steps, distance, calories burned. It is possible to pair the watch via bluetooth with smartphones based on Android or Apple ios.

While the watch will remind about the call or SMS (icon will light up on the screen and it will beep). The caller number is not visible, text is not visible. It is also possible to set the alarm, use timer and stopwatch.

Clock display to round in shape.

Outer edging with the symbols of the world. On the small Kant stated the numbers from 0 to 60. On the sides are four buttons: 1 – activate the display backlight and turning on/off Bluetooth (long press); 2 – view the date, steps, distance, calories burned, on/off timer; 3 time settings; 4 – off o’clock and reset all settings. In addition to the icons, displaying the functions of clock, the display shows a low indicator when battery is discharged.

My review

In General, the sports watch look stylish and neat. But there are some disadvantages in their use:

  • First, over time one of the buttons began to sink and fully performs its function.
  • Secondly, the backlight is not bright, barely noticeable.
  • Third, when the reminder Skmei watch Smart Watch does not vibrate, and only emit the signal. It is not very convenient as it is easily possible not to hear the signal.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here.