Ski mask Vector

Warm sport ski mask Vector for the face and neck were acquired not only for recreation, but for work, with the aim to protect the face from chapping and freezing of the long-term presence on the street.

The price of the mask Vector is small, only 5.60 USD with the discount. The choice has three color options, ordered a standard and versatile black. Ordered here on Aliexpress. And if you use cashback from EPN was even more to save even with such a small price.

The package was shipped regular mail and they came pretty quickly, in just three weeks from China to Pskov region.

It was Packed flawlessly, mask without flaws, the quality of cut with no complaints, nice fabric, very similar to fleece, flat seams, sits well, especially with a cap. Pretty good quality and plagiarism on the mask of a good company, happy with the purchase.

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