Silkworm cocoons for facial cleansing

When they began to appear in shops with Thai and Korean cosmetics I discovered a cocoon in the silkworm.

This is what the caterpillar wraps itself in and out of it and produce silk. But the Asian women use the cocoons in cosmetology.

We just take it razmazyvaem in hot water, put on your finger and neat massage movements remove dead skin cells.

The skin becomes smooth, plus there is no chemistry, only nutrients silk thread. Trying on myself, I made sure all of the above and began to use regularly, was overshadowed by the situation one minus – the price in local stores – 200 p. 10 PCs.

So I turned to Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Opinion

Where to buy

Once on the website, I saw a large variety of deals on the product of interest. Among the packages 10, 30, 50 and 100, I chose the 100 – decided there is no sense to expect the package and 100 one person will be enough for the year of application, plus the «gross» is always cheaper.

On the basis that the chrysalis we use 3 times (maximum of five), and the purification of conduct every three days.

On Aliexpress can you buy pure cocoons and impregnated with a bright yellow color. But, without knowing the exact composition of the solution, I settled on natural products.

And the last factor was the price – a variety of sentences ranged from two hundred to one thousand rubles for 100 PCs usually, this is because the cocoons are of varying quality: some are large and clean, the other is tiny (on the finger not to wear), with spots. I decided to order two stores to check this out.

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Ordered Ali from sellers where feedback a little bit here and here. Over a thousand did not order – I don’t see the point. If before order to use EPN cashback service, you can still have a little economici on any purchase.

Speed of delivery – ordering expensive went for about three weeks, and with free shipping two months on the product packaging, both wrapped in bubble wrap were in good condition, not wrinkled.


If we talk about quality considering expensive order immediately clear that the cocoons in it better. All clean, of equal size.

Cheaper – can’t say really bad – lots of large cocoons. Others need to be cut to length, then worn on the finger. With the purity of already worse – about thirty percent are small, light brown dots, what is this I don’t know.


At the end I want to note that given the fact, as far as the cocoons can be easily ordered from a trusted seller, let it be more expensive, it is important to remember that we use these cocoons to your face, but also economical option, too it is possible to try.

So buy what works for you and use them, definitely one thing — themselves silkworm cocoons for cleaning is worth it to enter them in a list of their cosmetic products. Together with them it is possible to apply hydrophilic oil Soonpure.

Still recommend eye patches Aliverto relieve fatigue and bags under the eyes.