Silicone NPK doll with Ali

Daughter for a long time begged me for NPK doll like a real baby. Went shopping in our town, but nothing suitable for the price and desires is not found.

And those options, I found the prices were exorbitant. Decided with my daughter to make a choice in Aliexpress. It is natural to combine all the wishes in one product failed, but chose a more or less optimal variant.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Species and grade
  3. Opinion
  4. Video

Where to buy

When choosing to draw attention to the number of reviews. The choice fell on the seller, who had a lot of positive feedback about the product. At the time of purchase the price was 66.54$, ordered on this page on Aliexpress.

Available NPK doll$. And girls and boys have external genitalia like the real children. Very realistic. We chose a girl. Ordered the fifth of August.

Received the package the twenty-seventh of August. Bought through cashback EPN and after you receive the goods and confirm got a small part of the amount back.

Along the route of the parcel track to track. The weight of the parcel was more than a kilogram. The doll was in a carton, special packing mesh, without clothes. The clothes were Packed separately.

Species and grade

In addition to clothing, the kit also included a bottle, hair clips, hair scrunchies, nipple on the magnet and the diaper. Doll really resembles a real baby.

Unfortunately, the choice of the NPK dolls doll small. In addition, we ordered model of the leg at the knee joint flexed (sitting position) and not straightened.

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Same with hands, that is, the plasticity is absent. But the doll can swaddle, clothe, to put on the back without a problem. The photo on the website match the original. See below for attached pictures.

As I said above, with the doll was one set of clothes. We in his home town and bought a couple of onesies for newborns – sizes are approached.


Child her new daughter NPK loved. So that if faced with similar requests of their children, then you can safely order these dolls on Aliexpress here. This is the page of the official representative of the brand.