Silicone molds for baking pancakes in a frying pan

A couple of months ago I saw an advertisement on TV about the silicon baking pancakes. This offer interested me, but the price was high. Decided to wait a while since all the new items appear in the consequence on the market at a lower price.

Later, perusing the goods on Aliexpress, I saw silicone molds for pancakes nonstick «Egg-Ring». The value of the goods was 7$, the difference in price amazed and delighted.

I place an order here on this page Aliexpress. Paid the order card.

When ordering, it was written to be delivered within three months. I live in Kurgan, the order came a month later in the mail.


I opened the package, silicone molds for baking pancakes in a frying pan with non-stick coating is not high quality, durable, without any damage.

Began to prepare with the use of the muffin, pancakes and scrambled eggs obtained lush and smooth. Form does not stick to the pan, flip convenient. Cooking is a pleasure.

Shape after use, simply rinse with water and clean until the next use.

Bake with it using very comfortable: turning the form, don’t burn your hands. Simple, convenient and reliable. Still I can recommend kettle with whistle Galaxy and apparatus for making sushi at home.


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