Silicone mold alphabet with Russian letters

Hello! I want to share my experience of ordering on Aliexpress silicone mold of the Russian alphabet. Goods bought on this page here for $ 7, regular mail delivery to Samara took almost 2 months. The product was folded twice and Packed in the package. Seller did not communicate.

The product fully meets the description. Material — durable yellow silicone, has no smell, just soft and pleasant to the touch. By the way, this product is available only in one color.

The defects were detected. Cubes themselves are quite large, approximately 3.5*3.5 cm because this size takes too much product on one letter. The squares are smooth and clear. Just 32 cells. All correspond to the Russian alphabet, lacking only the «E». The quality for the money is just great!

If you use a form for the preparation of products to order, you definitely should order several. Since the compilation of words or phrases where the letters are often repeated, one form is clearly not enough. It will save you a huge amount of time.

Since I had already tested the silicone form, I can say that it is very comfortable. I used it to make chocolate letters, but it is also perfect for baking or soap making.

Themselves letters I poured the white chocolate squares and milk. Turned out very nice and tasty, my family were delighted. The finished chocolate can easily be pulled out of niches and grooves.

Cleaned without the hard work and effort, as the silicone is well bent in different directions. For this reason, it is convenient to store, does not occupy much space.

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In General, products I am very happy! Plan to order more of these molds with numbers and English alphabet. And these bought on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend a silicone Mat for rolling out dough and split ring for baking.