Shoes with high soles

My recent purchase on aliexpees were shoes on a high platform. Shoes chose fast as always when ordering choose the rating of the orders.

In the product description was all well-written, the size of his feet I knew it was 37, but just in case, check out the centimeters, everything fits, although my sister warned me to take a size larger because it did not first purchase of shoes on aliexpees, and for me was the first, I think what she understands, take your 37.

Shoes cost 16.50$, when using a cashback EPN you can save much. Ordering I received in Poland. Shipping was quick for three weeks. But it’s a shame that did not listen to my sister and they were small on me. Product description all came up, but wearing them can’t small.

But next time I’ll know that the shoes need to take one size larger.

That day I also ordered a swimsuit. Well it I know how to shop for one thing, choose, viewed and bought. The swimsuit in the photo were of a rich red color, I think just on the sea plan to go. Cost swimsuit 6.85$.

Chose the M size because more fit the description, although I always buy S. custom designed as well to Poland, and this time I had to wait, although the maximum delivery 60 days, I got a swimsuit for 46 days, usually the goods come quickly, and then we had to wait, but more importantly for the summer season managed to deliver.

When I showed the parcel, the swimsuit was not red, and orange. It’s a shame. For about my skin colour does not quite fit this color, and here is my regular shopping at aliexpees finished nothing more.

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But that won’t stop me, you already have the following items in the cart, I will continue to order and hope that this time I’ll get lucky and everything will be as I wanted.

Just wanted to add that on the same day was issued the order for pens and brushes. Their price is$ 1, but the order I did not wait. When the order was written shipping is a maximum of two months. Its not care I forgot at the time to open a dispute, and has not received any goods or a refund.

Photo attached in comments