Shoe dryer Dmwd

This Shoe dryer is clearly better than those that are inserted inside or different absorbent materials.

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  • Quality and where to buy

    The brand is called Dmwd, bought this device here on Aliexpress for around 9$ in rubles at the exchange rate then of 65 rubles per dollar. There were two options: black and white. I chose the black one don’t even know why, I just like it better this color.

    Another option is to take it electronically controlled or is a little more expensive than conventional electro-mechanical, but cheaper. Of course, I chose mechanical, because the simpler — the more reliable. Still, mechanics even easier to manage, spun at the right time and went for it!

    In General, the machine happy. Of the minuses only non-standard plug to us USA, but the seller thoughtfully put a quality adapter in which the plug is sitting tight and not wobbly. A big plus it is possible to consider not only appearance and power, but the ability to neatly fold it for storage or transportation.


    Insert the shoes in the «horns» of the dryer, turn it to the network and set the timer. Available from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Its capacity is 200 Watts and that is enough for heating and drying for 1 hour. But if the shoes actually swam in the water and as much as «squishes» on the outside she has a waterproof leather or leatherette, then there is need to put in all of 2 hours. Still I can recommend the dryer for fruits and vegetables Vitek.

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    A great advantage may be

    Suitable for the following shoes:

    • Shoes;
    • Sneakers;
    • Different shoes and boots.

    It is not suitable for long women’s boots and men’s long boots. Everything else look in the video below, again bought here on this page on Aliexpress.