Shine-lipstick Romantik Bear

In Ukraine, ordering a lipstick and lip gloss (lip mask) brand Romantik Bear came exactly a month. Ordered three packs here on this page on Aliexpress . Two for a gift and one for yourself. Packaging normal package plus some bubble wrap inside . But nothing was wrinkled and the whole.

The lipsticks themselves are a decent size, I thought will be small . They look exactly the same as the picture. Colors closer to the natural shades, plus a Burgundy color to me these colors are very suitable.

In the morning put on 3 minutes, the film was removed, and lips beautiful all day long. There is no need to run to the mirror to touch up as usual. Even blsa plus leaves no stains on clothes. The only negative for those who don’t like matte color, but sometimes I embellish the usual hygienical.

Gel texture with a fruity aroma, after removing the films no smell no taste no no.

Lipstick Romantik Bear beautiful and have a very intense color for up to six hours including lunch and snacks at work, actually eat it like a regular moisturizing lipstick or regular gloss impossible.

The price is quite relevant, even very given the cost of these glosses in Ukraine. I am very satisfied and recommend it to everyone. Again, took on Aliexpress here. I recommend Ali mascara, was Very pleased and silkworm cocoons for facial cleansing.

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