Shaver KAIRUI (Kairoi)

Summer in our family there is a question of choosing clippers hair husband. Bothered him every two weeks to think about what you need to get a haircut, make an appointment with a hairdresser or sit in a queue to the master.

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    After walking through the hypermarket and going to professional shops, we didn’t find the right us for the price and the quality of the model. The choice fell on Aliexpress. On this website among the clippers the majority of the models belonged to the brand of KAIRUI. From all we have chosen a rechargeable KAIRUI HC – 001. The price of the machine was a 915 rubles, bought here.

    The delivery was short, a week later got a call from the courier transport company, and we agreed on a time. Our future assistant delivered directly to your home. The machine was Packed in standard package and box.

    Completing and review

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    Unpack the box, up the machine, two nozzles, charger, comb, cleaning brush machine, tissue paper, comb and instruction in the English language, in General, all necessary for normal cutting and maintenance of the instrument itself.

    The typewriter is lightweight, small, weighs 250 g, size 19.5 x 4.5 cm, conveniently lies in a hand. It is made of plastic and metal. Looks nice in red color with black accents. The power supply has a cord length of 1.7 m.

    Using two nozzles no problem, you can adjust the length of the hair when cutting. You can leave the hair 4, 7, 10, 13, 16/18, 21, 24, 27, 30 mm, this is very useful when creating model haircuts at home, although I think that the masters in the salons also buy such devices.

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    With the removed nozzle the machine will perform the function of shaving or edge creation.

    The manufacturer claims that it’s waterproof. We tested this feature fully washed it under running water, work that the machine did not become worse. Without recharging KAIRUI HC – 001 has worked with us for approximately 60 minutes (enough for two haircuts — my husband and son), charge leave for the night.


    Most importantly, rechargeable hair clippers hair very easy to use, it performs its job efficiently. Knives are sharp, sastrigal evenly. Of the minuses can be noted only the lack of charging indicator and the inability to cut, when connected to the network machines. That is, you must first charge it fully and then get to work.

    Summing up, I want to say that in General rechargeable clipper hair KAIRUI HC – 001 us much, because its primary function it copes fine. Again, bought here on Aliexpress.


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