Set with lamp for manicure Jewhiteny

Ordered a set for nail on «Aliexpress» brand Jewhiteny on this page here for 1500 rubles. The package arrived 3 weeks after order in Tomsk city Russia mail.

The kit includes: gel varnish 10 pieces, base, top coating, bio gel nails, machine for nail Polish, brush, clip for removing the gel Polish, oil cuticle, nail file, buff, shape nail, brush, adhesive crystals, some stickers and two boxes of rhinestones. The product is efficiently packaged, nothing spilled, not dented, and match the seller’s description.

There are also disadvantages, summed up the lamp Jewhiteny, bad dry the gel. Opened a dispute, the seller contacted the dispute were long three days, but had to pant heavily to get the money back, take photos and video, proving that the product does not match the description.

Apparatus for manicure using the nail, but a professional manicure instrument is weak and the wire is not so good holds. But in General, go for home, not for professional salons.

Gels Jewhiteny watery, but you can use, but eventually went to an Allergy on the fingers. Again, each one individually, I have a lot of things like reaction — I energozavisimost people. Bio gel nails have a sharp unpleasant smell, but to increase the nails they can be, but how long they last is another question.

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In General, an item for those who only learns of this and wants to try this case. Also, it is quite suitable for those who want to do nails myself and not pay salons. But in spite of some disadvantages, for this price, I’m satisfied with the product. This is for home use only.

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Again, took on Aliexpress here. I can also recommend these stencils and engraver for manicure and pedicure.