Set of utensils for camping and Hiking Widesea

We bought the cookware set for camping for 1400 RUB brand Widesea on Aliexpress here on this page.

The order came quickly, 2 weeks in Sevastopol, was taken to a new delivery service (not CDEK not Mail of Russia). It’s all whole, box not crumpled. A bit long collected the parcel after payment (3-4 days), but all have sent, nothing.

The contents

  1. Purchase history
  2. Quality and convenience
  3. Opinion

Purchase history

Often my husband and I go Hiking in the Crimea or a night out to the sea for crabs. Previously I used a small cast-iron pot, but it was a lot of hassle. The bottom is rounded, very unstable standing on the grill.

After a few times the pot are turned over with the whole already zagotovlen food in the fire freaked out and threw it away. Boiled water for tea, and then quickly prepare something to eat while the tea is hot and all in one pot, which is also inconvenient. And about the soot on it, as it’s all washed sand, all exactly the backpack and dirty things inside. Did so purely to save space and weight in the backpack, but decided to order a normal utensils for camping and Hiking.

Found this set Widesea. Initially wanted to order only tea, but remembered the fuss with the pot and ordered a set of pots, pans and kettle. In the bargain got even a sponge for washing dishes, wooden spoon-a spatula for stirring (so as not to scratch the dishes), two plastic bowls-plates and plastic ladle with metal handle, well, dense black cover with ties.

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The seller had a different configuration and different price. More profitable was the set for the first hot fit, and something to roast at the same time, and tea to make.

The manual says that this set is suitable for 2-3 people. Well, my husband and small child – the most it!

Quality and convenience

Cookware aluminum, very lightweight (all together weighs in as one of our old cauldron). Kettle 1.1 l quickly heats the water on the burner in the fire even faster. Pot 1.6 L.

The surface is smooth, even if there is soot on it – all easily removed with a sponge, no need to stand in the pond and drayat the dishes with detergent and sand as before.

The whole set is very compact going as matryoshka kettle into the pot, the pot into the frying pan and all into the case. The rest of the small things is placed in the kettle.

Handles of pots and pans are folded and do not occupy much space. When heated the kettle handle does not get hot. Used like kettle, where the handle was thin as a wire. Very uncomfortable, the handle is too thin and a couple of times the kettle was upside down. Water is enough for 3-4 mugs of tea.

This kettle can be safely put on the coals (not open fire).

Plates, of course, the volume is very small (a child’s portion or even less). But in the absence of any other alternatives – you’ll be fine. There is a ledge to keep calm and, if poured hotter. Plastic is durable, doesn’t melt from the hot and not deformed. But exactly, I bought a regular plastic bowls for a picnic a little more volume in the shop at home.

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The bottom of the whole crockery set flat, very stable for a small gas burner. So that you can safely cook in a large pot on the burner, the water heats up quickly.


Of the minuses – one lid on the pan and the pan. I think it was made for saving space and to compactly formed.

Even if you are not able to hike normally to wash the dishes or do not have time, because the hurry in fees (due to bad weather, for example) — all shoved into a case, stuffed into a backpack and other things in the backpack remain clean. But at home it is already possible to pan and dry.

Yes, I advise you to dry the dishes before all compactly folded up for the next trip. In an extreme outing like everything is washed, folded. A wooden paddle saturated with water, not dry.

After a couple of months got the dishes, well, checked. From a spoon went a fungus or mold… had to start all the pan and spoon this separately dried on the battery.

But it’s our stupidity has occurred, and so the set of dishes – excellent. If you take for more people to enjoy one more pot.

Very convenient to take with you camping and on picnics, takes up very little space. Took him night fishing on the sea to cook the crabs right on the beach, made coffee, very convenient (fits in a normal backpack, there is a place for gear).

Again, take the set of dishes Widesea for Hiking, tourism, accommodation camping on Aliexpress here.

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Still I recommend to look for a tent NatureHike and the eponymous twin bag.