Set of alcohol markers — 80 pieces

Ordered a set TUCHFIVE alcohol markers (art markers) in October 2018. Price for a set of 80 colors – 2350 rubles (29 rubles per 1 marker), delivery is free. In domestic online stores similar markers are presented at a price of 40 rubles per 1 piece Ordering to Samara was 30 days standard mail. Took on Aliexpress here.

Set in a series of Animation design. The manufacturer also has sets for the interior design, fashion design. Palette from 20 to 168 colors. Stopped at the selected palette as the best for a beginner: enough choice for painting as still lifes and architectural sketches.

The order came in a soft case with a zipper. The case is easy to open, convenient for transportation, but for stationary use it is better to replace: the color inside is mixed, every time you have to search for again:

Markers double tip «thin» and type «bit». Caps markers are very tight when opening, the tip can be extended. To protect from drying out is necessary each time to correct the rod and tightly close the lid. If you follow this rule, not dry (used 3 months).

Palette differs from the colors on the caps. The colors are saturated, very different behaviors depending on the density and structure of the paper. Here is their color chart, printed on thick glossy paper.

Examples of work performed by the markers on the photo (photo 5 and 6). In the selected set I didn’t have enough shades of yellow and blue (important for drawing landscapes).

For the price of the set is worthy, I recommend for a first experience in marker sketching. To order similar you this link on Ali.

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Order and draw with pleasure! And you can order the art markers you can on this page on Aliexpress. Still I can recommend Watercolor markers (20 colors) and painting by numbers.